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Comment: Re: Get a real mail account (Score 1) 388

by MarioMax (#45927915) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Misdirected Email?

I've used my own domain for 9 years with paid hosting thru a major host. Personally I can't stand webmail and stick to traditional POP3 email and for that purpose it suits me. But it is easy enough to set up domain forwarding to services like gmail if you choose (most likely for a fee).

The nice thing about buying a domain is you can pretty much set up unlimited email addresses under the domain for any purpose you choose, or use a single email address as a "catch-all" for said domain. Web services like Facebook won't know and won't care.

As for specific hosting recommendations, they are all about the same in terms of terrible service and support, but I encourage you to research and decide for yourself.

Comment: Reviving the bit wars? (Score 4, Interesting) 773

by MarioMax (#44811121) Attached to: Apple Unveils iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S

The one thing that struck me as odd is how much Apple is trumpeting 64-bit.

On a desktop or laptop computer I can see why you would care about 32-bit vs 64-bit; being able to address more than 4 gigs of ram is a huge selling point for 64-bit. But for a smartphone with only 1 gigabyte of ram, why should anyone (outside of developers) even care?

Comment: Use your own domain and host (Score 3, Informative) 410

by MarioMax (#44531071) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Recommendations For Non-US Based Email Providers?

Domain names are relatively cheap, and hosting is relatively cheap. I go that route myself. The only people that have access to my server is the hosting company (which is no worse than Google to be honest)

if you have the means, the very best solution is to run an email server out of your home or place of business.

Comment: Didn't Canonical try/do this with Ubuntu? (Score 1) 608

by MarioMax (#44222295) Attached to: The Black Underbelly of Windows 8.1 'Blue'

I seem to recall something very similar happening with Ubuntu last year with Ubuntu 12.10. Canonical received all sorts of flack for it, and rightly so. But at least with Ubuntu, you can at least disable that "feature" without much effort.

Makes me wonder if Microsoft is going to get a free pass because, well, Microsoft.

Comment: Re: OK,here it is good luck with the encryption (Score 2) 397

by MarioMax (#43977717) Attached to: Proposed NJ Law Allows Cops To Search Phones At Crash Scenes

In Texas, and I suspect other states, refusal to blow into a breathalyzer is grounds for arrest and then forcible draw of blood. The probable cause for this is that you refused to breathe into a breathalyzer.

True in Arizona. Plus refusing to take a sobriety test (they give you a list of options, so you have to refuse all of them) is an automatic 1 year license suspension even if you are not convicted of a DUI. And then they can still arrest you and/or a judge will issue a warrant for your blood.

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