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Comment Re:Take your space (Score 2) 290

They usually figure out to get on their side of the walk by the time we meet.

I like the look on their face when I stop, and they walk into shadow and then stop, and then look up... my nose.

This! So much this!
I've had people (usually college age girls) walk right into me; No clue that I was even there. The reactions are priceless.

Comment Re:That sounds nice... (Score 1) 170

Exactly. With their culture and policy of black box secrecy and the number of times they've been caught lying both to the public, as well as to their supposed bosses (congress, senate, president) is there anyone left dumb enough to believe anything they say?

I think you answered that yourself: congress, senate, president

Comment Re:I think this is bullshit (Score 1) 1746

And as long as they're not directly being a dick to you, you're supposed to exhibit some degree of tolerance, especially in the workplace.

I would say that if you are Gay and would like to receive the government benefits associated with a marriage then giving $1,000 to stopping you would fall into the category of "Being a dick to you".

I've actually proposed a solution that addresses that. Overhaul the government laws so that all "marriage" benefits are now tied to civil unions, leaving the term "marriage" reserved for purely ceremonial (religious) use. This neatly eliminates the conflict between religious definitions of marriage and government benefits tied to marriage (or lack thereof for gay couples). The benefits would be tied to civil unions instead. Every pro-gay marriage friend I suggested this to rejected it. The only acceptable solution to them was to strip the concept of marriage entirely from any religious influence, and hand complete control of it over it to those with modern secular viewpoints. I protested that this could create a conflict wherein a church could be sued for refusing to allow a gay couple to use the church for a wedding. They had no problem with this. i.e. Their stance is based on attributing no value to any religious viewpoint - they do not believe in freedom of religion.

Sounds like you need better friends; I know plenty of people who would be fine with that solution, but it's the fundamentalists I know who would still have a problem with it.

If you boot marriage back to a religious function, then you have to tolerate all the religions that would happily allow marriages between any two people (or more), and fundamentalists have once again lost control over "the sanctity of marriage".

The thing is that it's like Hindus (hypothetically) complaining about having lost control of "the sanctity of the cow".... It's all about perspective and what you find sacred.

Comment Re:Would you ride in one? (Score 1) 205

We can reduce the risk by distributing the pilots in pairs in small offices all over the country. Even better, put them in mobile offices. Even better, put them in mobile offices attached to the front of aeroplanes.

Even better, put them in the front of different aeroplanes!

Comment No idea why I've never seen this suggested (Score 4, Interesting) 285

1) Copy files onto new HDD
2) backup partition table and post online somewhere
3) wipe partition table
4) place 'blank' HDD with all your other parts.

Later, download your partition table backup and restore it. to access your files.

Comment Not so fast there... (Score 1) 343

so there is no risk that their tampering causes bodily injury or death..

Oh, I don't know... It sounds like an awful lot of people on this board are upset about this, which could in an edge case cause bodily harm or death to GameStop employees..

//not that I condone violence...

Comment Re:Exactly! (Score 1) 386

What would be more intimidating, a refrigerator-sized machine or a pack of hungry looking German Shepherds sniffing at your pant leg?

The Crushinator, anyone?

it's just a matter of time before a backscatter operator develops an unhealthy crush on a frequent flyer and starts throwing erroneous results just to get the poor traveller to stay longer.


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