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Comment Re:Oh no, (Score 2) 97

The BBC tells us that Wikileaks taught us nothing new and was just a slight embarrassment to the US government.

When dealing with Snowden they say nothing about the actual leaked information outside of, "bulk collection of email and telephone metadata". The story is always, "Is he a spy for the Chinese, or Russia?", "What's his motive?" etc.

I just went to the BBC website and searched for Wikileaks (

Top 4 results:

  • Wikileaks: US 'routinely spied' on Brazil
  • US 'spied on French presidents' - Wikileaks
  • NSA spying: France summons US envoy after Wikileaks revelation
  • Wikileaks: Bin Laden's son 'asked for father's death certificate'

Nope, nothing there about actual leaked content.

Listen to radio 4. It feels like a creepy recreation of the empire circa 1954 right up until the world service kicks in whereupon a few of the opinions that were verboten during the day can now be expressed.

Radio 4? Really? The station with the rep of being for the middle aged (and older), middle class liberals? I mean cutting edge it isn't but what are these verboten opinions? I only listen to the the comedy/science on it, News Quiz, Now Show, Infinite Monkey Cage. I'd love to know the propaganda in them.

You have to listen to the domestic output while comparing to foreign or independent sources to see the incredible, Orwellian nature of their deception.

Clearly I've been duped, open my eyes than what is the great deception? What lies are they feeding me? I don't pretend they are impartial, but Pravda?

Comment Re:Need to be adjustable (Score 1) 340

As someone who suffered posture related back problems I found just getting fitter didn't help and the typical gym trainer won't be any help. You need to develop awareness of your posture, and reset what feels normal and natural to something that is actually a good posture. A good physio, osteopath or chiropractor can help and something like Pilates or Tai Chi is good for posture awareness.

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