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Comment Re:Climate Change (Score 0) 344

Of course glaciers are on the edge of melting! Unlike your freezer, there is no refrigeration engine in the glacier, and it only exists in a place where it's cold enough. Hence, on the edge of it, it's only marginally cold enough. It gets a bit warmer, the Glacier recedes. Where mountaintops are held up by the strengh of this ice, any shrinkage of it will make stuff slide. This is not a catastrophe of course, unless you happen to live in the path of it. Same thing with rising sea level, if you live on some atoll with only a few elevation above sea level, marginal effects will make your life pretty uncomfortable. Same thing if lots of people live in some semi-arid place and just about sustain their water consumption by drawing water from lakes and rivers all around: if it rains just a little less, the lakes dry up.

Comment Re:Bring back WUXGA+ 1920x1200 (Score 1) 94

I had 2 old Dell Precision M4300 with 1920x1200 displays - those were beautiful. One is now dead but the other still serving my daughter. An 18yo's eyesight allows for really small font sizes being used, so the number of facebook posts being shown at once is incredible (she does lots of work on the laptop too, to give her credit she deserves)

Comment Re:oh jeez. (Score 1) 140

... Helium .. has roughly half of the lifting capacity of Hydrogen....

not really, the "lifting capacity" is from the difference in mass between lifting gas and surrounding air. Air is ~29 g/mol, so the ratio of lifting capacity of H2:He is

[(29 - 2) / 29] : [(29 - 4) / 29] = 27/25,

works out at 8% difference. The containment vessel's weight is typically more significant than the gas itself in a lighter-than-air craft.

Balloons with He3 give only 3% more lift than He4, lunacy!

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