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Comment Re:Old people aren't the problem. (Score 1) 260

Don't bs me with the male female statistics of who's safer drivers. The elders don't drive as well because of the physical changes to their body that prevent them from being as responsive and such.

But for the other age groups, age has little or nothing to do with how well you drive. There is no difference when you compare a 16 year old who just got his license compared to someone who got his at 30 year sold. Both have zero driving experience. Can maturity justify the age at which you should be eligible for a license? No.

Why not? Because I see a lot of you old fucktards drive dangerously with your bluetooth earpieces thinking that you're driving safely while burning red lights and changing lanes in the middle of an intersection because your conversation about nipples is too intense for the road

There's dangers in both, young and older drivers. The experience is what determines it.

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