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Comment Re:out (Score 1) 544

The media has been pushing Kaisch pretty hard, despite having practically zero support outside of NH (and Ohio). That's not the decked being stacked against someone, it's quite the opposite.

Comment Re:One down. (Score 1) 544

The "saner" people aren't voting for either Republicans or Democrats. Both parties work against the interests of the American people, and most have started waking up to that fact.

As for Trump, when you point out that he's not a conservative, to his supporters, they'll often agree with you and say that they don't care. The few people I know, who support him, are borderline Democrats on most things. He may not have room to grow, within the party, but he'll get plenty of independents, and I suspect Democrats, if Hillary gets the nomination.

Comment Would be useful, if focused on dupes. (Score 1) 46

I don't want algorithms deciding what's important to me, but I would like something that filters out duplicate (or near duplicate) posts. I like using twitter as a kind of RSS feed, but I'm tired of media outlets retweeting the same stuff, several times an hour, all day long. I could probably get through my feed in half the time if all that spam was filtered out.

Comment Minimum Wage Not as Important as Layoff Provision (Score 5, Interesting) 543

The bill also calls for:

that within 730 daysâ"two yearsâ"of âoean employee strike, an employer lockout, layoffs, furloughs, or other types of involuntary employee terminations other than for-cause dismissals,â a company cannot bring aboard any H-1B labor

I think this is an even bigger deal than the $110k provision.

Comment Re:Yep, keep searching (Score 1) 434

FOIA requests have already established that the State Department (during her tenure) was aware of arms being shipped from Benghazi to Al Nusra in Syria. The names of the parties involved have been redacted (meaning it was likely us, or our "friends"). So yes, it is in there.

But since so many Republicans are for arming these people too, I wouldn't expect them to focus much on it. And supporters of Democrats don't care what their people do, just so long as they aren't Republicans.

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