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Comment: Re:So much envy from America (Score 1) 109

by MakerDusk (#48289335) Attached to: China Completes Its First Lunar Return Mission
Just a FYI:

The first mars rover that crashed as an international undertaking. In fact, that's one of the reasons it went wrong: us Canadians were responsible for the final calculations. We assumed, Americans being Americans, that the measurements given were in feet. (Yes, our stereotype has Americans pegged as being so backwards that the entire nation doesn't know System International, or are too prideful to use the standardized system.) However, the Americans had been kind and already converted to meters. Needless to say, that rover crashed hard.

The incident is still repeated at my university, to this day, when collaboration with American physicists is suggested.

Comment: Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 191

by MakerDusk (#48065571) Attached to: Silk Road Lawyers Poke Holes In FBI's Story

Like the Person of Interest fictional organization Vigilance? Domestic Privacy Terrorists using computer skills (on the organization level) and varied member skill sets (on the operational level) to insert themselves temporarily into high ranking corporate, and governmental, positions to: gather information, expose ongoing criminal activities, and to 'deal out justice'

hmm... slashdot...

hmm... computer skill and varied skill sets...

It's sad that there a need, and that the people needed to found such an organization can be recruited here. Next thing you know, there will be American Revolution book ciphered /. posts detailing operations to take back our freedom. Only for the subsequent discovery that we were in fact being manipulated by a government intelligence agency, seeing as they have much more experience in hidden espionage/financial manipulation/assassination operations along these lines.

Comment: Re:Deja vu (Score 1) 311

by MakerDusk (#47138733) Attached to: Solar Roadways Project Beats $1M Goal, Should Enter Production
Considering the panels are capable of melting snow... this could very well mean that they would not have to deal with snowplows or sand. That would be interesting to see, and is easy enough to test using a parking lot. Imagine a Walmart parking lot that always has the snow cleared. If successful, the next benchmark would be monitoring the physical condition of the panels, over a few years, for durability.

Comment: Re:More for Avegant Glyph then Oculus (Score 1) 53

by MakerDusk (#46313285) Attached to: Zero Point: The First 360-Degree Movie Made For the Oculus Rift
It's actually really easy to track head movement with the rift. The problem with this technology is that it works best with CG. It's one thing to put the player in a predefined grid of 3D objects, but it's an entirely different beast to create the models and grid while shooting live action. For this to work, all movies would have to be filmed in a green room; or be completely CG.

Comment: Re:Universe and perfect simualtion are equivalent (Score 1) 745

by MakerDusk (#46262339) Attached to: Mathematician: Is Our Universe a Simulation?
So, you're suggesting that we'll never find a cure for Alzheimer's disease? Note that the memory loss only effects those who aren't actively using their mind for higher functions. How hard would it be to have an algorithm target a subset by age, and utility to whatever the purpose was... and then add in an exception if they are still serving a viable purpose?

Comment: Re:Tiny Bubbles (Score 2) 35

What you're looking for is something called Tumor Specific Proteins. At that point, it's very easy to coat a gold nano particle have it attach to cancerous cells, and then heat them up via surface plasmon resonance (they're tuned to the type of electromagnetic radiation that will reach the tumor: be it laser, xray, or gamma ray. At that point, resonance causes the GNP to heat up the heat induces cell death in the cancerous cells to which they have bonded. The blocker on this line of treatment is government regulation and the wonderful independent studies performed by those who produce chemotherapy drugs.

Comment: Re:Brilliant hack! (Score 1) 163

Her accomplishment is more on the lines of "hey, that's pretty damn clever"

Someone doing something clever leads to wanting to have a conversation with them. Why, because you're interested in what they have to say. And that leads to coffee. Sadly, a guy having a private intellectual conversation with a woman is usually viewed as a date by the ignorant masses.

Comment: Re: ...and? (Score 1) 163

That one is easy: it makes good television, and it's also about the highest level the producer can understand. Brilliance is only truly recognized and appreciated by people who have sufficient background. Could you imagine a local news anchor trying to explain what was done? Could you imagine their audience understanding any of it? Even if the person's intelligence, charisma, and accomplishments are vaguely understood, you suddenly have someone that makes the agency look stupid in comparison. People in power (in this case the producer) do not want to show someone who makes themselves look incompetent and stupid by comparison.

This is also not limited to women, but applies also to men. Try approaching your boss with an idea that betters the business, but replaces a system they invented. Management that will not dismiss your idea out of hand is a rare breed indeed. Much more can be said but it essentially comes down to obvious gaps in knowledge, experience, and intelligence.

If you'd like to see intelligent entertainment, I recommend TED talks and hak5.

Comment: Re:Is no one else concerned? (Score 1) 161

by MakerDusk (#46129877) Attached to: World's First Magma-Based Geothermal Energy System

I just don't see why this tech is needed when we have the technology to generate all the electricity and heat we need through nuclear fission. Eventually, fission will give way to fusion, but geothermal and 'renewable' energy technologies are just an unnecessary distraction IMO.

Not when you take the radioactive waste into account. Power for a year, dangerous waste for hundreds. The power company will be long dead before their waste is eliminated. You need to look at the long term picture.

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