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Comment: Re:Electricity Hydrogen (Score 2, Informative) 453

by Make (#28618635) Attached to: Sahimo Hydrogen Vehicle Gets Over 1,300 mpg

That's the general problem when you concentrate a lot of energy in little space. There are practical differences between fossil fuel, hydrogen, urane and batteries, but the concept of accidentally releasing (converting to pressure/temperature) much of this energy is pretty much the same.

The Almighty Buck

+ - Creative Places to Work

Submitted by DieNadel
DieNadel (550271) writes "The company I work for as a developer pays a good salary and gives me some stability, but it has a total lack of creative work. We mostly spend our days looking into bugs and doing really boring development. I'm therefore looking for a job in a new and more creative environment, but it's hard to figure out a place besides the usual suspects (Microsoft, Google and Apple). So, the place you work at gives you the ability to be creative? Do you know some companies that fit the profile (in the US and Worldwide)? Please let us know their name and how to apply."

To err is human -- to blame it on a computer is even more so.