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Comment: Typical Computer (ab)user (Score 1) 703

by MajorK0ng (#12069572) Attached to: BBC Writer Tries PC Repair, Finds Poor Software
When your A/C goes on the fritz do you fix it or call a "Qualified" tech? When your TV goes on the fritz do you fix it or call a "Qualified" tech? Whe your frige goes on the fritz do you fix it or call a "Qualified" tech? Call a "Qualified" tech if you can't fix your bloody computer yourself. Why does it sit in the shop use long? There seems to be more abusers than there Qualified" techs to work on them. Please get the kid down the street to work on your computer, it simply means you will be paying me even more money doing to repair your system. I would not even concieve of working on my car's engine these days. I will troubleshoot the problem but nothing more. Surf the net blindly and stupidly. Install every piece of software free or purchased you can put on your computer (even if you never use it; Because it is so cool!) Go ahead and give little Johnny and Susie full admin rights on your XP machine or better yet let everyone use the same profile! And don't forget letting the nieghbors use your computer, its not their system so why should they care what happens to it. Why because it means more money in my pockets. How about this as an amazing concept............ simply learn a few basic concepts about computers. It is my experience the people who have biggest and most problems with and on their PCs are the same people with the mindset of "Manual?...Instructions?......I don' need no stinkin' manual or instructions! To sum this rant up when all else fails RFTM (read this as aka the instructions, for those in California I realise computer don't come with manuals anymore, but there are a lot of good basic use books out in world for computer 101 and 102. Until then folks keep up the good work on fragging your systems it keeps me off the streets and occupies my evil little mind and I can use the cash.

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.