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Comment Re:Will Any Effort Be Made To Validate The Report? (Score 1) 399

Rape is the battle cry of the feminist, the tool that they use to shut down inconvenient discussions. That is why they hate it when their research is questioned, and when scrutiny of their rape stats reveals that "staring" has been equated as "eye rape", which has been quietly equated to cave-man style sexual assault.

If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, rape is that for the feminist.

Comment Re: Co-Eds Needs To Stop Showing (Score 1) 399

The main problem with the whole campus rape situation is that there is a perverse set of incentives at work that `reward' women who claim to be rape victims.

Not sure how many have been on a college campus recently. The amount of feminist propaganda and anti-male posturing is bordering on the comical. There are so many SJWs and other activists who are waiting for any male/female incident to happen, to blow up out of proportion, get on the news and ultimately enhance their own careers. A `victim' who comes out is immediately elevated to the status of feminist heroine. Her opinion is sought. There is often press coverage. There is talk of lawsuits and large financial compensation. A regular woman whom no-one would have looked at twice is suddenly enjoying the sort of fame and prestige usually enjoyed by cheerleaders. Even if her accusations ultimately prove false, she suffers no consequences whatsoever, and in fact her prestige among the feminist crowd actually increases. Look at that woman who is dragging a mattress all around campus, drawing attention to her `raped' status.

Comment Re:Roll your own (Score 2) 464

There are a few major downsides to working in a "Tier-2" or "undiscovered" city if you are a tech guy.

1. You are very unlikely to find high-quality or cutting edge work. Like it or not the movers and shakers of tech are in the bay are these days. They may have remote offices elsewhere, but the work that is parcelled out to these areas is mostly "non-criticial". This is due to both political and practical reasons. This will severely limit your ability to `move up' in the world and is a serious consideration if you are an ambitious type. Unfortunately this has become true even for formerly Tier-1 cities like Boston, and there are so many folks who have been forced to move to the bay area just to find interesting work.

2. There are not too many potential acquirers in Tier-2 cities. So even if you do join a start-up and make a successful product, it would be hard to get to a remunerative exit, and the value of your exit is likely to be much lower than it would be if your company was located in the valley. This very real "exit cost" is well known to VCs and accounts for why they don't invest much outside major cities. Locating in a Tier-2 also makes it very hard for your company to change direction or pivot, because your options will be severely limited by the talent pool in the area.

3. The number of employers is likely to be small. If you are affected by a layoff, it would be very difficult to find another job in the area, especially if you are a bit on the older side. Of course the lower cost of living may mean you can potentially survive for longer during a job hunt.

4. Frankly, if you are not white, Christian and conservative, you are unlikely to have a pleasant time in Tier-2 cities, especially those in the South. Even if the local schools are good, your kids are not likely to have a great time of it, what with being surrounded by peers coming from homes where Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are the primary sources of information, and who think that being informed about other parts of the world immediately makes you a potential terrorist. Being mocked and insulted about your culture & heritage would be fact of life for your kids. I know many folks who have moved to the bay area explicitly to save their kids from roving bands of teenage proselitizers and culture bullies.

Comment Re:OK lets be real (Score 1) 621

You have no evidence of this. This is just a right-wing talking point your side has conjured up to distract attention from the egg on your face.

Nothing that I have read has indicated that his father set this up in any way, shape or form.

Why does the fact that they have chosen not to remain in a country where a significant fraction (the wilfully ignorant and hate-filled part) is out for their blood seem surprising to you?

Comment Re:How many female students... (Score 1) 345

When I was doing my Ph. D. too many years ago to count at a large public university, I TAd an introductory math course (undergraduate, 101). Thsi was a course that was required for a good number of majors, and a large percentage of the student population (both male & female) had no interest whatsoever in the subject beyond scraping together the required passing grade. I have been subject to advances and come-ons that even a creator of T&A teen flicks would reject as unrealistic. These were from women who were very aware of their sexuality and the effect it had on men, and were willing to use it to the full extent of their abilities to get what they want. Anyway, my experiences have made me rather skeptical of feminine claims that they are traumatized by dick jokes.

Comment Re:Daughters (Score 1) 696

Daughters (at least American-raised girls) in particular instinctively rebel against what they perceive as their parents pushing stuff down their throats. Logic & Reason have nothing to do with it.

You would be better of trying reverse psychology... say something to the effect of "you girls will never cut in in a man's world". Voila... you'll have 4 engineers on your hands :) Now they get societal props for overcoming adversity as well.

Comment I don't believe this guy... (Score 3, Insightful) 662

So... a 14 year old did not actually build electronic integrated circuits with his own 2 hands. He either assembled or repackaged something commercially available. How is that even relevant? That changes this situation how exactly?

And how does this in any way excuse or even mitigate the behavior of the teachers, administrators & police involved in the situation?

Why don't you come out and admit your reasons... you have too much invested emotionally in the hard right narrative and cannot bear the thought that your side fucked up, and you are now doubling down and rolling around in the mud trying to save face. The though of offering up a simple apology would never occur to your lot.

Comment No buzzwords in Academia? Please... (Score 1) 95

Anyone who has spent any time at all in a Graduate program knows that academics is rife with buzzwords as well. This is particularly true in liberal arts and the so-called `soft sciences', but you can find plenty of examples in engineering & CS as well. What are words like `Hadoop', `Scala' and `Wavelets' if not buzzwords? No you say? They refer to specific technologies and processes you say? Guess what, that is what the marketer says about phrases they use as well.

Every professor dreams of when the acronym given to his/her pet algorithm or idea becomes a standard buzzword.

When I was in grad school, I used to play a `count the buzzwords' game with my lab-mates. We'd pick a paper at random from the latest IEEE transactions and count the buzzwords, loser was the one who picked the paper with the most buzzwords and had to buy lunch that day.

Comment Re:People still use GCC? (Score 1) 91

Just to clarify: were you able to link an app compiled with CLANG with libstdc++ compiled with g++, ,and another C++ lib compiled with g++, like say libqt4? And it ran without any problems?

If this is true I apologize to the CLANG community. But the fact is our team has not been able to get this to work on RHEL and I admit we did not dig too much deeper into that since anecdotal info on the web indicated that this is not possible. Our code did not even link, and the same code compiled with g++ linked and ran without any problems.

Comment Re:People still use GCC? (Score 1) 91

For all practical purposes, CLANG is useless if you want to develop C++.

CLANG is incompatible with libstdc++ or microsoft's c++ library. Which means you have to use the libc++ that they supply. Unfortunately libc++ is not available on windows, so any app that uses C++ features is out. On linux, if you want to use the C++ features, it is pretty much impossible to cross-link against libc++ and the other libs on your distribution that may be complied with g++, so you have to compile every library you want with with CLANG to use and ship a static binary (or ship the libs and have your startup script setup library paths etc).

Of course, many of the common open source C++ libs do not compile with CLANG anyway so you are screwed.

In summary, unless you are writing console only apps and do not need to link to any c++ library other than libc++, CLANG is not even an option for you.

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