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Comment Instance or class? (Score 4, Interesting) 211

So is each individual instance of an AI a driver? Each version of the software? Each combination of hardware and software?

If a single car is found to be doing something that would have its license revoked, does that car lose its license, or are all Google cars immediately banned from driving? Would a version tweak cause that license to be reinstated, or would Google be out of the self-driving-car business?

Comment Re:In Alaska... (Score 2) 592

The question, of course, is whether this is a permanent fix or a temporary one; as the idiots who like to drive above a safe speed for the road (which doesn't necessarily match with the speed limit and isn't consistent along the length of the road) and overtake inappropriately get more familiar with the road, they may well revert to their old ways, and now the road markings are missing it's likely to increase certain elements of their bad behaviour.

Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1833

I don't like the idea in theory, but in practice I have to agree with you - if people disagree, they should post. Yes, that might mean they can't moderate in that thread, but so what - if they want to say something, they should say something. Participating in the discussion in much more important than moderating it.

But people don't do that - they moderate something as flamebait simply because they disagree with it.

Perhaps a better answer is for people to be able to moderate moderations - click on the score, see how it was moderated to the value it has, and be able to check negative moderations as "unfair."

In any event, "disagree" mods should not be allowed to drop a post below 1 for a user, 0 for an AC.

Comment Re: legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 582

I actually like that idea; I know there are roads I've driven on with artificial curves added (and this is in the U.S.) to keep people from going too fast; I've also seen more residential areas getting traffic circles instead of regular intersections, which can have a similar effect (depending on how the stop signs were before). I have no problem with this. In my area it's very common to have speed bumps or speed humps to slow down traffic, and it always pissed me off how my car's suspension had to suffer because some idiots couldn't restrain themselves.

Example in Sarasota.

Comment Re:Ummm.. nothing (Score 1) 220

Or they're just slow as s#%t for newer applications, games, or the technology is outdated (like having a non-LTE phone). My last phone was expandable via microSD card, but there were too many things you couldn't move to the SD card, and I ended up having extremely limited number of apps - it was a cheap phone that worked OK for a couple of years, but the constant "insufficient memory to install application" problems pushed me to get a new phone. That simple. Every time I upgrade I actually ask "what can I do with a new phone that I can't do with my old one (that I really need or want to do)?" If I have a good answer, then it doesn't need to be broken to update.

Comment Re:Open Waters.. (Score 2) 104

Passive water cooling is simply a whole lot easier, and with these units you can just "drop" them in and pick them up later on... If you're not near water, these units are pointless, but if you are, it's still a lot easier. If you're talking about a remote location, I'm think along the lines of research where your data center is local instead of only accessible over a slow internet connection. You drop a unit somewhere, collect data for a few years, then pull it all back to analyze.

Even just in general, any remote location that does not have reliable high speed connectivity could benefit from local storage and data processing.... but even if you did have high speed access, it might be because your data needs to be secure.

To be honest, I shrug my shoulders at the idea, but at least I can see something to it.

Comment Re:Open Waters.. (Score 1) 104

I don't understand the complaint about internet connectivity; aside from connecting to the people on land using such a data center, their internet connectivity would be the same as it's always been. I don't think these are necessary for remote areas, but in that instance, it would be a localized data center, perhaps because there's slow, or no, internet connectivity. And the benefit would be a modular system that is passively water cooled (dramatically lowering power requirements), which seems to ideally fit your example of a remote location.

A prefab unit would also be easier to deploy and re-deploy, whereas constructing (even a prefab) unit on land usually requires some foundation and would require a lot more power to operate, as well as take a lot longer to install.

I get it - it's Microsoft, and nobody likes Microsoft, but they have move from the realm of just stealing everyone else's ideas and doing their own implementations to actually doing some research, too, which puts them on par with most decent companies in IT.

Comment Re:Energy waste. (Score 1) 104

Depends where you put them. Might be a shame off the coast of Alaska, but off the coast of Florida it would be pointless. Still, even in a cold climate, it may not be worth the heating benefits when much of the heating comes from the units that cool the servers, takes a lot more energy (generally) getting "wasted" heat than means to generate heat directly. I'd bet there's little savings if buildings are being heated with natural gas (compared to not having to cool the equipment at all).

Comment Re:Azure (Score 2) 104

  • Passive water cooling.
  • Prefab means they can be deployed relatively quickly. You can prefab on land, but you still need to lay foundations... and these wouldn't be permanent; when you wanted them gone, they'd pack it up and remove it, leaving no trace.
  • The design idea is to keep them close to renewable (hydroelectric, maybe wave generated) power sources.

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