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Comment Next of Kin (Score 1) 182 182

You all are making this more complex than it needs. Simply implement a "Next of Kin" system which requires public records of death along with death certificate to have the account released. Too easy. The real challenge will be introducing some sort of inheritance tax on digital assets.

Comment Than why aren't we all farmers? (Score 1) 449 449

IF VIDEO GAMES influenced people then the majority of Facebook users would be farmers by now. MAYBE.. I'm about to blow your mind here.. MAYBE the type of person to do bad things, gravitates to those kinds of video games.. and MAYBE the game doesn't really influence anything

Comment Best Pratices (Score 5, Interesting) 380 380

I remember reading long time ago in security 101 best practices to remove employee's network privileges a week before they receive the notice. I also know of a big company which had ITSEC work all weekend to remove and change creds so when workers came to work Monday they found themselves now jobless.

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