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Comment Re:And your favorite, hobby laser cutter is... (Score 1) 23

I have air assist cutting which is why it can get through 6mm acrylic though I don't think it is very well designed. The kerf is wider at the top than the bottom and is noticeable on 3mm which implies the set up is poor. I suspect a poor beam shape but haven't confirmed it. Any suggestions on what to check are very welcome.

Comment Re:And your favorite, hobby laser cutter is... (Score 1) 23

I have a £550 Ebay 50W laser which can cut 6mm acrylic well (though with bevelled edges currently - I'm hoping to be able to do something about this though with some better set up). I've done 6mm ply but it all came out rather burnt. Again, I'm hoping to do better once I find the ideal settings. Overall I've been impressed with what it can do for the price.

Submission + - SpaceX Landing - Picture and Video from Barge

Maddog Batty writes: Last months Falcon 9 1st stage barge landing attempt was unfortunately a failure but it was very close. An official photo taken from the barge has now been released showing the rocket just before landing. There is also an unofficial video from the barge, which shows just how close they got. In particular, the "hover slam" method of landing where the rocket engine produces thrust to weight ratio significantly above 1 to rapidly reduce velocity just before landing seems to work well. This method compared to a gentle landing uses less fuel but the throttle up needs to be performed at exactly the right point so as to bring the velocity down to zero as it hits the deck.

Comment Re:Projector? Recommendations (Score 1) 720

Why would anyone get a projector when 60"+ TVs are much cheaper than good projector + nice screen + extra bulbs?

Because we don't want a 60" screen in the living room where as we do have the ability to hide a projector screen in the ceiling. Currently we don't have a TV at all and want to keep it that way.

Comment Re:FP? (Score 5, Insightful) 942

Go and ask any timber merchant for a bit of 2 by 4 and they will know what you are talking about but then ask them for what the actual size is. They will give you two answers, one for sawn timber and one for plained timber. The answers they give will be in millimetres and neither will be anything close to 50.8mm x 101.6mm. The length will also be given in metres.

Comment In other news: Are 4K displays worth getting yet? (Score 1) 204

I was thinking about getting a Asus PB287Q 28" 4K 60Hz as it has good reviews but was unsure as to whether I can stick with icons and stuff being small. I love the idea of the additional pixels as I always seem to not have enough but I here some programs aren't a good match as they don't scale well.

Anybody use a 4K display for programming / development work? Good or bad idea?

Submission + - SpaceX Landing Video Making Progress

Maddog Batty writes: The fine people at the Nasa Space Flight Forum are making good progress on restoring the corrupted landing video reported earlier. It worth looking at the original video to see how bad it was and then at the latest restored video. It is now possible to see the legs being deployed, the sea coming closer and a big flame ball as the rocket plume hits the water. An impressive improvement so far and it is still being actively worked on so further refinements are likely.

Submission + - SpaceX are looking for help with "Landing" video

Maddog Batty writes: SpaceX recently made the news by managing to soft land at sea the first stage of rocket used to launch its third supply mission to the International Space Station. Telemetry reported that it was able to hover for eight seconds above the sea before running out of fuel and falling horizontal. Unfortunately, due to stormy weather at the time, their support ship wasn't able to get to the "landing" spot at the time and the first stage wasn't recovered and is likely now on the sea bed.

Video of the landing was produced and transmitted to an aeroplane but unfortunately it is rather corrupted. SpaceX have attempted to improve it but it isn't much better. They are now looking for help to improve it further.

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