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Comment: Re: the solution: (Score 1) 651

by MadMartigan2001 (#48038963) Attached to: The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine
The same way muskets were consistent during the revolutionary war. Those were the best weapons at the time. Many were hacked together from used parts and/or machined by blacksmiths when available. Serial numbers were not the priority when fighting for the freedom of your country. You are lucky enough to have lived during a time when the government is persecuting you and your family. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the benefits of having a populace that is armed enough to challenge a repressive government.

Comment: Re:Useful Idiot (Score 1) 396

You make it sound like anyone can just book an appointment with congress. Sorry to break this to you, it does not work like that. And guess what, if you ask to be heard by congress regarding sensitive national security issues you can bet your ass that you'll be visited very quickly by a 3 letter agency. And if they do not like you, you are a TERRORIST and they stopped your from executing your devious plot. Off to Guantanamo with you, never to be heard from again.

Comment: Re:Useful Idiot (Score 3, Insightful) 396

That's right damit! No matter how bad the government is acting it is YOUR DUTY as an AMERICAN to shut-up and do what you are told. Even if you think the government is subverting the constitution (as Snowden did) you should just keep your mouth shut and do the patriotic thing and sing the national anthem louder than anyone around you. And if by some crazy reason (morality) you wish to expose the corrupt government, by no means should you try and protect yourself from said corrupt government. No siree, just bend over and take it on your way to Guantanamo. That will make it much easier for the corrupt government to label you as a terrorist and keep you shut-up, since you did not have the patriotic disposition to shut yourself up. When will these unpatriotic whistle blowers realize that the government is only trying to protect the great people of this country from communist whistle blowers. Geeeezz

Comment: I bought my first Mercedes... (Score 1) 360

by MadMartigan2001 (#46783857) Attached to: Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"
about 7 years ago; SLK 350. It was plagued with lots of electrical problems and a few mechanical issues. It was fun to drive, but I will never buy another Mercedes again. Simply not worth the money. I would definitely consider buying a Tesla if I was in the market for a car like that.

Comment: Re:Militia, then vs now (Score 1) 1633

by MadMartigan2001 (#46770411) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment
That is not a straw man argument. He was simply and correctly stating that if technological advancement requires a redefinition of part of the constitution then ALL parts of the constitution should be redefined equally. There is no straw man there. Your naivety shows when you claim that modern guns cannot be compared to the press. Tyrants and Dictators fear a free press more then they fear an armed society. Which is why history shows us that that first thing they do is take over the press and start to brainwash the citizenry to voluntarily give up their weapons and report their treasonous neighbors who fail to turn in their weapons. Nice guys huh? The moral of the story; Stop giving away your freedom because guns looks scary and a printing press does not.

Comment: Re:Poor poor bigot (Score 1) 1116

by MadMartigan2001 (#46705527) Attached to: Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law
According to Merriam-Webster bigotry is defined as....

: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)

Your definition of bigotry differs from that of all respected sources. Therefore, the remainder of your argument is invalid. You also say...

Intolerance makes the world go 'round'...

To which I say, what world do you live in? I imagine if you were a Jew in 1939 living in Germany, or a native american in 1800 living in north america, etc, you may have a different opinion on the effect of intolerance and it's value to society.

Comment: Re:Is it not obvious? They have dirt on him! (Score 3, Insightful) 312

by MadMartigan2001 (#46680543) Attached to: Why No Executive Order To Stop NSA Metadata Collection?

I don't call people on watch lists, I don't call any known criminals

How you would know? Do you have a copy of the watch list or known criminals? Are those lists published? Being distrustful of government is not "groupthink". It's called paying attention to history.

Comment: Re:America is boned (Score 0, Troll) 870

by MadMartigan2001 (#46580161) Attached to: Job Automation and the Minimum Wage Debate
The only reason you are pro-socialism is because you have not yet experienced a socialist government that has been taken over by angry nut jobs. When that happens, maybe not in your lifetime, your socialist citizens will be in no position to oppose it. America is unfortunately more socialist than capitalist at the moment which is why you see "to big to fail" crap. In a truly capitalist system, to big to fail would be impossible. Only in a socialist system can the government decide who is "to big to fail" and consequently "to small to succeed". You long for "true socialism" as defined in your texbook. Sorry, has never happened and will never happen. People with greed (and all other negative emotions) get in the way. Human nature trumps all political systems. The best you can do is to try and let peer pressure bring out the best in others and hope empathy grows.

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