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Comment: Re:That is the modus operandi (Score 1) 373 373

But, this key is the master key, who is Intel to say who can use that key and who can't?
Will Intel sue Sony for use of this key in their BluRay players under the DMCA? (Yes, please?)

It's the correct use of the key, there is nothing being circumvented.

I'm sure they'll tout the list of "approved" hardware manufacturers. But right now that list is made of companies that are willing/stupid enough to pay the extortion money (If you pay us this amount, we won't sue you for use of this key).

The DMCA can only be used when a copyright protection scam^wscheme is cracked... nothing is cracked here, a valid master key is being used in the way it's supposed to work.

If someone enters my house using a copy of my (master) key, I can't legally call it breaking and entering, because nothing is broken. A lock and key is used the way it is intended.


+ - How to upload photos to Facebook Album using FSpot->

iqrash writes: F-Spot is the default picture manager that come with Ubuntu, a very useful software that can help manage you photos, tagging them, import from a device, and many more. F-Spot can also be used to upload photos directly to your Facebook albums.The Facebook upload feature is not activated by default (for some unknown reason). To upload your photos via F-Spot, open F-Spot. Go to "Edit -> Manage Extensions"....
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+ - North Korea Linux (Red Star OS) Review->

JimLynch writes: There was an announcement a while back that North Korea had come out with its own version of Linux (called Red Star OS). I dropped by the official North Korean site, and found their contact information. I sent a polite email asking for a download link for their distro, but I never heard back from anybody. This was rather rude on their part, or perhaps they just don’t have people who can read English answering their email. Anyway, I wasn’t able to get a download link until today.
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+ - Confirmed: Steam Not Coming To Linux-> 5 5

dkd903 writes: A rumor has been going around for about four months that Valve was working on a Linux version of Steam and this had a lot of people in the Linux community very excited. But, Valve has now officially killed the rumor. And it is not what people wants to hear – there is no Linux version of Steam in development. Doug Lombardi, the Marketing VP of Valve Corporation, in an interview, has put an end to all the rumors by saying that they are not working on Steam for Linux right now.
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Comment: Re:the developer should participate in system test (Score 2, Insightful) 396 396

System testers have to know what the corner cases are. They can't guess them all
That's why you need proper documentation, like use cases, technical designs. Often (and preferably) written by analists and not the developers.

Preferably you have a setup like this:
Business analyst writes documentation based on requirements from the business.
Developers build the application, based on the documentation.
Testers write testcases based on the documentation and test the software as soon as it is released to them.

Testing is a profession too.
And there are many tools and methodologies (TMap, ISTQB, Testframe etc) to ensure proper test-coverage and to have anything meaningful to say about the quality of the tested application.

Comment: What freaking app are we talking about?! (Score 1) 168 168

There is something that I miss in all of the reports I've read about this "trojan", they fail to actually name the app that's supposedly causing all this. Seriously, was the application called "fakeplayer" or something?
It's useful information to know what app is malicious, don't you think? So that you can avoid installing it, or to remove it from your phone before it causes more damage.

Comment: Re:Yes, Nintendo owns your Wii (Score 1) 258 258

it's disgusting to see misappropriation on this level and scale by corporations.
It's definitely not an incentive to buy more of their crap.

Funny thing, that EULA, you can only read it after you bought the device... I can only hope that one day shrink wrapped EULA and other such licenses will be banned. But that hope is very slim.

Comment: Dear Nintendo (Score 4, Insightful) 258 258

I, as a WII-owner, understand the risk of installing unauthorized applications on my WII. Why not leave me, the rightful owner of the device, the choice to install said third party applications on my device?
You sold it to me, why are you trying to claim ownership over MY devices?

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