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Comment Re:The movie... (Score 1) 169

I liked the movie. sure, there were problems. But you get an appreciation for it after watching Star Wars episode I.

Suddenly, Lost in Space doesn't seem so bad...

But but but Silicon Graphics is dead. Dead and buried. You can't remake Lost In Space without SG workstations peppered here and there. What's next L.I.S with Windows 10 or IOS ? Shit.

Atari has been dead and buried for a long time, but the name still lives on.

Why not Silicon Graphics?

Comment Re:So, the actual attack surface is vanishingly sm (Score 1) 119

And do you really want to see the list of Macs still being sold and/or still in common use that do have a Terrestrial Ethernet port? I assure you, it is a LOT more models than your measly little list.


Around 2/3 of all Macs sold are the laptops listed above.

Otherwise known as, "the majority of Macs sold."

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