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Comment Re:Low calorie noodles already exist (Score 1) 156

It's only expensive if you buy it there :) Go to an Asian grocery and look near the tofu in the fridge. You'll probably find the Konnyaku there. It comes as noodles or in a brick that you slice. It's a hard jelly.. a bit like agar, but more firm. It doesn't really have any taste unless you have one of those delicate Japanese palettes, unspoiled by sugary American snacks and hot sauce.

Submission + - What are you doing with LPWAN?

MacDork writes: A new category of radios is emerging; Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) radios. These radios can transmit for miles like cell signals, but do so with very low power such that they are not heavily regulated like cell spectrum. And they're cheap! The only limitation seems to be very low bandwidth.

Obvious benefits are going to be Internet of things type applications like smart power meters. It seems simple messaging applications should be quite important as well.

Have you heard of them? Are you working on any projects with LPWAN?

Comment Re:Energy Drinks (Score 3, Informative) 570

Yes, this. energy drink and Starbucks. People aren't drinking fewer caffeinated beverages, they're generally drinking stronger ones. Whether it's carbonated or not doesn't really matter.

My favorite commercial of course, is 5-hour energy. "Get five hours of energy with only 4 calories!" I got a news flash for those guys... calories == energy. No calories means it's a drug, not energy. I wonder if I could sue them for blatantly false advertisements?

Comment Re:Every public venue is amateur hour ... (Score 2) 37

Every public distribution channel is amateur hour, open source or commercial.

This. If the download is compromised, it doesn't matter how secure the source is. Maybe what you thought was XCode is actually a CIA rootkit.

Why is there no gpg signature on downloads? Why are the jars in the eclipse executable even signed if the signatures are not verified by default in Eclipse? Why does the Oracle Java 8 ppa:webupd8team for Ubuntu download and install from http sources just after I typed in sudo?

Comment Re:Solution: Don't Trust Anyone (within reason) (Score 1) 82

Client-side end-to-end encryption using perfect forward secrecy is the only thing we can "trust" now, sadly.

I believe that's only as secure as your PRNG. So I would go one step further and say that statement only applies on systems built from free open source software. Microsoft, Apple, and Google could remotely install/remove whatever they want on your hardware, behind your back, without you knowing it. All three are known "friends of NSA" and the OP makes a very good point. Most of what is being discussed is theater, and it is theater designed to rebuild trust in these traitors.

Comment Re:When do I get to be a multinational corp? (Score 1) 330

Funny. This is how Google plays the tax laws. They're perfectly okay with all the different national tax codes when it allows them to avoid paying taxes. Eric Schmidt has been very clear that Google is just obeying the law! Well Eric, this is the law in France. You should just obey it, yes?

Oh, I'm so sorry America. I just paid my legally required taxes in Ireland, so I don't owe you anything despite having made most of my revenue from your nation and hiring most of your programmers to do it for me. --Google

Comment Re:Algorithm (Score 1) 233

I'm just curious, why do you think their machine learning algorithms are "shoddy"?

You type in gorillas and you get pictures of things that definitely aren't gorillas. The fact that it's highly offensive is just icing on the cake.

Likewise, job ads, ideally, would be shown to the best candidates, not necessarily the users most likely to click them... as you have speculated. HR is drowning in bullshit resumes as it is. Ads that produce more bullshit resumes from unqualified candidates who click/submit on everything will not be worth much to any company.

Without your pure speculation that the click through is what is driving the difference, all you're left with is an insinuation by the output of Google's algorithm that men are six times more likely than women to be good candidates for highly paid jobs... Which, again, simply isn't true and again, highly offensive.

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