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Comment Re:Great. More touchscreens. (Score 1) 233

However, ALL car navigation systems are idiotic, because they're all 5 years behind the times by the time they make it to market; smartphone navigation apps are far more advanced, and always will be. It's even more idiotic that the carmakers actually expect people to pay for map updates, instead of just updating the maps continuously for free like Google Maps

My Audi has Google Maps for it's navigation system already, it works great.

Comment Re:I use mine every day (Score 1) 321

My wife uses her everyday as well. She basically wanted tablet functionality and a keyboard. She doesn't need a DVD-ROM drive, Core i5/7, etc. She uses it for her everyday web-browsing...looking up recipes, doing school work, or sharing stuff with our daughter. That's it. Any other features on a laptop would be wasted.

Plus, as a teacher all of the grading and performance applications are web-based so she can input her grades, create lesson plans, and do all of her performance evaluations on the Chromebook as well. This would have been too tedious without a keyboard (as compared to getting her a tablet and then having to buy a separate keyboard), so the relatively inexpensive Chromebook was the ideal solution for her.

She doesn't need to worry about installing updates or applications and she can easily store all of her data in her Google Drive so she can access it anywhere.. on her Chromebook, phone, desktop PC, or at school.

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