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Comment: I loved this game (Score 0, Offtopic) 189

by MURD3R3R (#14045510) Attached to: John Smedley Answers Your Questions
And now it is so completely different. I am a vet at this game, and have worked long and hard collecting resources to craft medicine, which I cannot do anymore, I have collected extremely rare skill attachments, which I cannot use anymore, and worked hard to build up a strong Jedi which is now the laughing stock of the game. This is an all new game, and one which is buggy and not fun. This game is buggy beyond any I have ever seen. The mission terminals in the city I live in no longer give out good missions and are worthless, items in my inventory have bugged in numerous ways making me attempt to reset them every time I log in, and the general gameplay is just BUGGY, getting stuck in combat mode, not getting xp, not being able to complete quests. Crafting is bugged because some schematics require pre-enhancement upgrade items, which cannot be made anymore! This game had so much promise when I first started playing it 2 years ago. Battlefields and bases were holding promise of an ever expanding war, which never happened. Patches were pushed through to balance issues that were not wanted or asked for, and therefore introducing TONS of bugs in the process. The game I once loved was destroyed, not with just this latest upgrade patch, but back at the first patch called the CU. Now the game is just unplayable, literally. It is bugged so bad, it cannot be played. I do not recommend this game to anyone. I am a serious gamer, and have been my whole life. I know when I see a good game, and I do not see one in Star Wars Galaxies anymore. The game is beyond repair, and I mean it, it is bugged bad. The game might be better if it wasn't so buggy. But with 3 *complete* overhauls, the game is destroyed.

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