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by MSG (#48191763) Attached to: Which Android Devices Sacrifice Battery-Life For Performance?

Having it on WiFi whenever possible. In good implementations on modern phones it uses less power than the cell network.

Interesting note: that's not always the case. If you're on a network with a lot of broadcast traffic, WiFi will keep the phone from entering deep sleep, and your battery life will be terrible. It took me quite a while to figure out that my battery life's turn for the worse coincided with starting a new job, where the WiFi network is really big.

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If you haven't used iostat before: Run "iostat -x 2" to get a report of block device utilization every two seconds. Ignore the first report; it details utilization since system boot. All subsequent reports will be for the period after the previous report.

If you can repeat your earlier tests, and want to see if there's actually a Linux bug, compare numbers when the program opens DBs before forking, and when it opens them after. If you're seeing bad latency in the former case, but similar B/s, that might indicate a bug. If you're seeing much higher %system (CPU), that might be a bug. Maybe. Otherwise, it's probably an indication that the program behaves differently in those cases, which is not a Linux bug.

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so it's not the *actual* loadavg that is relevant but that the *relative* loadavg before and after that one simple change was so dramatically shifted from "completely unusable and in no way deployable in a live production environment" to a "this might actually fly, jim" level.

That's not loadavg, that's IO latency. You should probably be using iostat to get useful numbers.

loadavg is completely useless when discussing system performance, it is in no way related.

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I'll start with: LMDB is awesome, and I am super SUPER impressed with OpenLDAP's benchmarks over the last several years. I do not question LMDB's worth.

I'm just not really sure that this letter is evidence thereof. The author got poor performance from a SQL database with no indexing, which degraded as the number of records grew? You don't say! A database that has to do a full scan for reads performs poorly?

Surprise about load average seems equally naive. If you fork a bunch of processes that are doing IO, of COURSE the load increases. Load is a measure of the number of processes not sleeping. That's all it is. I don't understand his surprise that a system steadily doing a great deal of IO would show a lot of time spent in IO calls in profiling.

Reading that letter made me cringe. It didn't help that it sounds like another NSA project.

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I seriously doubt that she considered your holding the door open an assult. She probably considered it disrespectful, and unless you are equally likely to hold a door for any person, then it could certainly be considered condescending from a certain point of view.

The issue isn't that intent doesn't matter, it is that intent doesn't matter more than the subjective experience of the second party. Their perception of your actions is equally important to your intent. When you are able to accept other people as equals, and not as subordinates, you'll understand why that's the right way to handle the situation.

Again, that doesn't mean that a complaint is always valid. Mediation is intended to determine both intent and perception, to explain both to each party, and whenever possible, to provide guidelines for everyone to ensure that future interactions don't create further offense.

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the problem is that it doesnt matter if any harassment or assault happens these days. all there needs to be for sexual assault/harassment is for someone to "feel" abused, intent no longer matters.

You're correct in identifying the standard that is used for sexual harassment. If someone feels harassed, then the issue is treated as harassment. That is not, however, the problem or a problem. It doesn't mean that you'll be fired or even disciplined as a result of the complaint. All it means is that when an employee submits a harassment complaint, that HR treats the complaint seriously and investigates each complaint consistently. If they find that the complaint warrants discipline, then the offending person will be disciplined. Otherwise, there may simply be mediation to remedy the situation.

Your attitude, ganjadude, that treating harassment claims seriously based on the subjective experience of the person making the claim is "the" problem almost certainly indicates that you take criticism poorly. The problem with harassment is that people against whom complaints are made often retaliate against the person making the complaint rather than accepting criticism and working to create an environment where people feel safe.

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We have more than enough people telling us how difficult things are and how we shouldn't try

We also hear more than enough people telling us that the climate will change unless we stop burning fossil fuels. Do you want someone to tell you how to make ongoing burning of fossil fuels "work" too? It won't.

If a lot of people are telling you a thing, you might want to consider that they may be right.

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I was talking to a friend of mine recently about OpenSSL, and the developers' complaint that they aren't receiving financial or development support from some of the companies that use and benefit most from the software. My point of view is that if you, as a developer, need financial or development support from the users of your software, you need to tell them so. If you don't tell them what support you need in exchange, then you aren't going to get it. The best place for the terms of that agreement is your license. If your license demands nothing in return for your software, very often you will receive nothing for your software. While this is an unpopular opinion, I believe it is their own fault, and not the fault of the users of their software, that they aren't getting the support that they need.

I think it's easy to make the argument that Linux is more significant than GNU. Android is a Linux operating system, without GNU. DD-WRT and similar systems are Linux, without GNU. However, I personally think that Linux is less significant than the GPL. The license gave us a means to collaborate, to create open systems, and to get the support that we need for the software that we develop.

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