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Comment: Re:I could be wrong... (Score 1) 100

by MLBs (#46017383) Attached to: New Object Recognition Algorithm Learns On the Fly
The features part is really the tricky part. You could supply a set of pictures of aircraft and the algorithm would need to determine what is common to all those examples.
With regards to training, It is possible to perform this learning task without direct supervised (tagged data) training.
Imagine the following:
Take a trillions of images from the web, and use unsupervised, clustering methods to group images into groups of equivalence, given that you have great features that allow you to do that.
Then, given a cluster of millions of examples, take the surrounding text around the images source and try to find common denominators in the text. It's not far fetched to think that similar objects in the images will have similar words in the text.

Such "Big Data" research is now being done in various research facilities around the world.

Comment: Math and CS (Score 1) 656

by MLBs (#43875291) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Important Is Advanced Math In a CS Degree?
For the past 20 years, I have been doing a wide variety of projects, and though some of the university math has been very useful (e.g. Linear algebra), I can honestly say I have never needed to use any of the differential equations techniques in the form taught in school.
At best, I had to use a system that can be described by a differential equation, but in discrete form and with simple functions that numerically solve the problem.

Comment: Re:Microsoft has a majority market share (Score 5, Informative) 267

by MLBs (#43862627) Attached to: Ubuntu Closes Longstanding Bug #1

Not in my house it doesn't. 1 Win 7 laptop 1 MacBook Pro 1 Chrome Book 3 Raspberry PIs running Raspbian 1 Android tablet 1 Android phone 1 blackberry playbook 1 Apple TV Looks like Linux wins, with Android a close second. The best part is that this is all for one person living alone. :)

Perhaps I'm reading this wrong, but it seems that they're saying that in 2004, MS had a majority, but this is now changing and thus the bug can be closed. With your enumeration you simply give anecdotal evidence to this.

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