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Comment Re:Not a problem, nothing to see here (Score 1) 217

Er? Access to Binge on is free for providers. No one has to pay to be added to the list.

This was called out specifically in their briefing, and is mentioned in their binge on materials.

Now, some providers co-marketed with t-mobile to get prime placement on the _advertised_ list. There's nothing wrong with that. If apple buys an Ad on TV, does that make Dell not exist?

Comment Re: Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1044

I read that blog post all the way through. For the first time, mind you, and nowhere does it state that he has a slate, and he's voting for it and that everyone else must do the same. In fact, he was a lot more creditable than I was. If everyone had done as he suggested, there would have been a lot fewer no-awards, which basically disproves your assertion that he was the one running the show.

Comment Re:Headline is Bad (Score 1) 1044

Wow, where did you get that from???

The "special awards" you are referring to are George RR Martin's "Hugo Loser" awards, that he's been handing out for more than 30 years. And it wasn't given to people who had been preselected to win, it was given to people who would have been on the ballot if not for Vox Day's ballot manipulations.

There was no rigging except for the rabid puppies, this magical cabal of people the puppies believe control access to Hugo awards are the actual fans who vote.

Comment Re:The Sad Puppies won. (Score 1) 1044

I love how everyone mentions Jim Butcher when trying to justify the puppies actions, but fails to talk about the fact that John C Wright had 3 of the 5 associated works nominations. And they were utter drivel.

If all the puppies had done was get Jim Butcher onto the ballot, we wouldn't be here talking about the Hugos today. No. They instead shut out everyone but their own nominees by taking up all 5 slots in as many categories as they could.

_Of course_ there was going to be a backlash. There was no "fixing". There was only angry fans seeing someone tromping shit over their lawn and saying "NO".

Comment Re:Headline is Bad (Score 1) 1044

There was no voting bloc. Toni was tainted by unethical ballot stuffing. If she had done the right thing, like Annie Bellet and Black Gate did, there would have been a groundswell of support for her, and she may have gotten a 2016 or 2017 Hugo free of Vox Day taint. There was no way she was winning a Hugo this year, nor should she want to, considering how she got onto the ballot. (And I'm saying that as someone who actually voted for her)

Toni is an amazing editor, but Baen doesn't really push the boundaries of scifi in it's works. They're like Scifi Mac'n'cheez. Comforting, easily digestible, exactly what you wanted, guilty indulgence.

Comment Re: Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1044

Wait, what?

The only cliques were the puppies. the 2500 no-awards were not organized, I voted no award for every category that had only puppy-backed folks on it, except for Toni Weisskopf, who I truly believe deserves a Hugo. I did it without some shadowy cabal of liberal elites telling me to, I did it because the puppies gamed the system, and the best way to discourage that sort of behavior is nuke it from orbit.

And I'm one of the people the puppies should be courting as an ally. I will read any Baen author sight unseen. I love hard scifi. I own every Heinlein novel published, and kept them, even after I converted to ebook only. They're the only paper books I still have. I love military scifi and space opera. I'm exactly the demographic that would vote for some of the things the puppies want to see on the ballot.

I still nuked them, and I would do it again if they attempted to stuff the ballot again.

And the very fact that they could stuff the ballot they way they did disproves the idea of there being a shadowy clique controlling the nominations.

Comment Re:Insightful video (Score 1) 243

Um, what? Citation needed.

They scan and flag pictures you send via outlook.com and hotmail.com, and probably upload to skydrive. If they didn't, they could be legally liable for distributing kiddy porn. they do not randomly scan your PC or thrash your hard drives, unless you're talking about the system indexer, but that isn't searching or flagging anything, and you can turn it off if you prefer long-ass slow filesystem searches.

Comment Re:Unusual? (Score 2) 95

Exactly, MS increases it's "rental" charge, the vendor increases their hourly rate to recoup the cost, and essentially, the entire $25 million MS "made", they already paid to the vendor in the first place. It's like if I give my kid a $100 allowance and then "charged" $10 for his rent. I might as well have just given him $90 to start with.

Ooh, unless I want him to move out, I suppose.

Comment Re:Why are ISPs in bed with big content? (Score 2) 292

I would hazard a guess that the folks pirating movies on their networks are also the network's heaviest users. Dump those few people, and their infrastructure costs don't go up as fast. It's a win-win for the ISP. (A pirate pays the same monthly fee as a regular user, but they can support hundreds of regular users on a single pirate's monthly transfer)

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