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Comment I first went to an ophthalmological exam... (Score 1) 60

... when I was one or so -- because my mother war a bit paranoid, as she had had lots of eye trouble as an infant and I was child no. 1/ The doctor looked at my eyes and told her I had almost perfect vision -- which was actually bad, because it is normal for young children to be far-sighted. One's eyeball gets longer as one gets older, so while "normal" kids eyes would go from far-sighted to normal, my eyesight was fated to go from normal to VERY near-sighted. He was right.

Comment Back in the early 70s.... (Score 1) 131

... when studying anthropology -- in college and grad school -- the three wave theory seemed to already be commonly accepted. And Eskimos have been recognized as belonging to a separate wave forever (or almost so). This testing may be new and useful because it provides additional confirmation of a long-standing theory -- but it does not amount to any sort of new theory as to the population of the americas from Siberia.

Comment Back in 1960... (Score 1) 141

... my future wife (married in 1976) and I did this. We watched our first opera together -- Don Giovanni on NBC -- she in Wisconsin, I (7 ayears old at the time) in Oklahoma. Of course, it would be a while before we would actually first meet each other. ;~}


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