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Comment: Wow (Score 2) 142

by M3.14 (#47940101) Attached to: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Steps Down
Just wow. I wonder what happened. Maybe there's some money threshold where you just say: "naah, I've got enough". Or maybe his bank just phoned and said - "your account balance does not fit anymore in our VARCHAR2(10) column.."
Anyway - looking forward to see the bright *snicker* future.

+ - H R Giger dead: Alien artist and designer died aged 74-> 2

Submitted by M3.14
M3.14 writes: H. R. Giger, the Swiss artist and designer of Ridley Scott's Alien, has died, aged 74. Hans Rudolf 'Ruedi' Giger sustained injuries caused by a fall, Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung has reported (German link. English summary here). The terrifying creature and sets he created for Ridley Scott’s film earned him an Oscar for special effects in 1980. In the art world, Giger is appreciated for his wide body of work in the fantastic realism and surrealistic genres. Film work was just one of his talents. Giger is also known for his sculptures, paintings and furniture. The H.R. Giger Museum, inaugurated in the summer of 1998 in the Château St. Germain, is a four-level building complex in the historic, medieval walled city of Gruyères. It is the permanent home to many of the artist’s most prominent works.
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Comment: Re:Not quite soon ... meanwhile, LHC is ramping up (Score 1) 263

by M3.14 (#45413025) Attached to: Physicists Plan to Build a Bigger LHC
You might be right about the VLHC. I think the 100km circumference is meant considering current/near future magnet technologies. AFAIK when designing LHC to fit into LEP they planned for magnets that did not exist at that time. Maybe with a really good advance in magnet tech VLHC can fit inisde LHC tunnel ...

Comment: Easy to dodge? (Score 0) 678

by M3.14 (#43651985) Attached to: US Senate Passes Internet Tax Bill 69 To 27
How hard would be for those large companies to just offshore the sales to avoid paying this tax? I mean they are already doing it to dodge other taxes anyway. Wouldn't this just affect smaller shops that do not have an army of lawyers and "tax optimization" specialists.
Fortunately this is US only (for now) but it's a very bad example for other goverments. I can already see other country politicians smiling and thinking: "Hey - we can do that too, right?"

+ - New results indicate that particle discovered at CERN is a Higgs boson-> 1

Submitted by M3.14
M3.14 writes: It seems that the statistic is more and more in favor of latest big LHC discovery being the Higgs boson everyone is expecting. There are still some unanswered questions though.
From the article: At the Moriond Conference, the ATLAS and CMS collaborations at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) presented preliminary new results that further elucidate the particle discovered last year. Having analysed two and a half times more data than was available for the discovery announcement in July, they find that the new particle is looking more and more like a Higgs boson, the particle linked to the mechanism that gives mass to elementary particles. It remains an open question, however, whether this is the Higgs boson of the Standard Model of particle physics, or possibly the lightest of several bosons predicted in some theories that go beyond the Standard Model.

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+ - Holy Smokes - Cardinals Select Pope Francis of Argentina->

Submitted by Freshly Exhumed
Freshly Exhumed writes: Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina has been selected as Pope of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics.

He will be known as Pope Francis. He is the first Pope from the Americas.

The 76-year-old was the runner-up to Benedict XVI during the last conclave. He is well-known for his humility and espouses church teachings on homosexuality, abortion and contraception. He has no Vatican experience.

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Comment: My own bomb (Score 1) 303

by M3.14 (#43121883) Attached to: I most look forward to flying with ...
There's very little probability there will be 2 bombs on one plane , right? And I will definitely not detonate mine, therefore making the whole flight safer...

Joke aside. I think if someone is able to take over plane with scissors or box cuttters or whatever else is banned, they will be able to do it without it as well. It just takes a bit more effort. So why bother with such draconian rules? Scan people for IEDs and firearms and that's it. In addition strenghten in-flight security. For example someone trained for close combat in such scenrios will be travelling as part of crew or undercover on every other flight.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary saftey deserve neither liberty not saftey." -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759