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Comment: Manditory LASIK (Score 1) 550

by Lvdata (#47526931) Attached to: Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later
About 15 years ago I HAD to have Lasik. My prescription was so heavy at 7.75+1.75 on my worse eye and 7.25+1( I think?) on my good eye, that my work in autocad was suffering. Working in the Civil engineering field, I had a black background with Blue for water lines, brown for sewer, white for street center lines & property lines, etc on screen. My glasses were so thick that a white line would break up into its RGB components. A vertical line would appear to me as three too close water/power/sewer lines! I had the older physical blade type lasik. Now my vision is 20/35 but I have a LARGE number of halos, star bursts and slight double vision from headlines on cars, the stars, the moon, ect. I don't regret it as I live in Las Vegas, and there is way too much light pollution to make it viable to star gaze. I don't plan on having it touched up as I am a HEAVY reader and when I get older I want the monovision option open to me, and I will go back to glasses for the 40-60's age in my life. My doc said that due to the thickness of my corneas, I can only get 2 vision fixes until it is too thin to work on.

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That a copy of someone is a new person, is more of a belief then truth. I think that a accurate copy of my mental state, is me. Yes the copy would diverge, but at first either of me could die, and yet I would survive. (Notice that such a foreign concept has grammar issues?) See Wil McCarthy's Queendom of Sol Series about a human grade fax/matter printer. Backup's, multiple instantiations, form changing, etc.

Comment: X-Ray Cumulative Dose (Score 1) 141

by Lvdata (#46371199) Attached to: Live Q&A With Ex-TSA Agent Jason Harrington
I know you said above you would avoid back scatter x-rays, but what about the cumulative dose from back scatter, AND the luggage scanners. It seems like there is a push from management at the TSA not to track the dosage the employees receive. Do there regular TSA agents feel this is OK or do they want some from of tracking? Have you done some checking on the dosage based on machine type and manufacturers documentation?

Comment: I prefer Solidworks over Autocad (Score 1) 218

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I prefer Solidworks over Autocad.
Solidworks - A Windows application with a 3D solid design for a final product.

Autocad - A DOS application converted to Windows, with a 2d design, and 3d as a added on much later in development.

I have 7 years experience in Autocad, and I found it somewhat easy to transfer to SW. Solidworks usually will output a good STL for use on my companies Connex 350 Resin Multi-Material 3d Printer. but be warned, all CAD programs have their issues.

Both taking classes on how to use the software, and having a copy to "play with" are critical to figuring how best to use the software. Community College classes qualify you for the %90 percent or so student discount. Also in my job my designs are propitiatory, so I can can't post them online, but if you if you can post it, there are many people who will help you though the design challenges.

Screw threads are particularity tricky as SW treats them as a cosmetic feature, and you have to make them by hand. The book "Machinery's Handbook" is a good resource.

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Also consider the music being released. I am working on completing my Beatles collection. The only new one I know is Justin Beeber, and that is to avoid him. I AM expanding my taste in music, but it is the older well done music, not the current Autotune boytoy that looks good, but can't sing. Tom Petty would NEVER make it in today's music system.

Why get "new" remastered updated 3d version of Star Wars? I want the version where Han shot first. E-bay or nothing. No new sales are possible on that one. I don't want Battleshit the Movie. I AM back filling my collection of TV with Andromeda and Monty Python. 2nd hand is great for that!

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It is still faster then my Gen 1 Drobo. I have been getting about 50MB/s transfer rate. 5.00MB/s is all I need through. I just want it in 1 place, with protection against bitrot. I am finding bitrot to be a problem, but so far only my VIDEO DVD ISO's have had problems. I can live with a glitch in a DVD video. Program copies and my personal data SEEM to be OK, but only time will tell. Entropy is a BITCH! :)

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