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Comment: Encrypting solution for torrent sites... (Score 2, Interesting) 267

by LurkingOnSlashdot (#27875831) Attached to: Mininova Starts Filtering Torrents

I think all torrent sites should 2-way encrypt all their search results (meaning the titles, descriptions, etc..) and put a statement up that says decrypting is not allowed. Then have "hackers" make a firefox addon that automatically decrypts the text on torrent sites. Everybody (except MIAA/RIAA) starts using the addon. The MIAA/RIAA can't use the addon because that would violate their own laws can be sued for breaking encryption.

Comment: No way of knowing desktop usage.. but (Score 2, Insightful) 409

by LurkingOnSlashdot (#27832803) Attached to: The Problem With Estimating Linux Desktop Market Share

we can be sure that Linux is the most used on servers (of all types, not just web servers) and in embedded devices. I have purchased at least 2 items (Sony ebook reader and dlink home san) that I had no idea were running Linux. I would venture to guess that many people are running Linux somewhere in their home without even knowing it.

Comment: Have YOU ever downloaded it and used it? (Score 3, Informative) 710

by LurkingOnSlashdot (#27832345) Attached to: Shuttleworth Says Ubuntu Can't Just Be Windows

I recently switched to Ubuntu (from running other versions of Linux on my main home computer since 2000) and I have to say it is quite nice. I use WIndows at work because that's what we're told to run. I honestly don't understand why people like you exist that find Linux to be so absolutely terrible. At home I have a laser printer, scanner, webcam, gps, sony ebook reader, digital camera, digital video camera and wireless. All these things work on my Linux boxes and I have no problems with them. I am very productive with Linux.

Comment: We all know what's really going on... (Score 1) 223

by LurkingOnSlashdot (#26796047) Attached to: Hadron Collider Relaunch Delayed
The LHC was activated successfully and they run it every night, replicating the conditions of the big bang. The big news they are not telling us is that when they open that rift in time and space, something calling itself "god" is in communication with them. The "oh, it doesn't work" story is just a cover.

(yes, I read Blasphemy by Douglas Preston)

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