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Comment: Relation? (Score 2, Interesting) 450

by LunarEffect (#32812648) Attached to: Prince Says Internet Is Over
MTV is to TV as is to the internet. So saying the internet is like MTV is like saying TV is like
Media have nothing in common with the data they display and don't usually become outdated if there isn't a more technologically advanced alternative. At this point in time there isn't an advanced alternative to the internet, but there are plenty of things to replace MTV.

Comment: Re:3000BC called... (Score 4, Insightful) 195

by LunarEffect (#32312922) Attached to: New iConji Language For the Symbol-Minded Texter
Because Egyptian hieroglyphics actually meant something to the Egyptian people. The symbols they used were in context with how they lived and what they saw around them and I suppose they were more self explanatory to the people back then than they are to us today. If you look at the iConji symbols, you'll see that you can understand the meaning of a lot of them just by looking at them, because they are based on symbols from our every day lives, thus making them easier for us to understand. I'm sure if you invented a time machine and gave these to an ancient Egyptian scientists without an explanation or context, they'd have a hard time understanding them.

Comment: Now seriously... (Score 2, Insightful) 300

by LunarEffect (#30821556) Attached to: Open-Source JavaScript Flash Player (HTML5/SVG)
I'm impressed! Flash has pretty much become an integral part of the web, yet you always had to download and install an extra plugin to be able to view flash content. Having an implementation of the flashplayer written in a language that can be executed by every major browser reguardless of the operating system is an incredibly useful thing to have.
And now with ever faster Processors and better implementations of JavaScript interpreters, I think its far from a bad thing to put more work into the hands of interpreted languages.

Comment: Aesthetics... (Score 2, Interesting) 867

by LunarEffect (#28434063) Attached to: Wind Could Provide 100% of World Energy Needs
I was reading about this dude who was building a single wind turbine in some rural area in the Swabian Alps in Germany. There was a huge protest against it, because a windmill like that would "spoil the countryside" ended with him having to cancel his plans, no windmill was allowed to be built.
So yeah, I really like the idea of this article, but a lot of people are way too conservative to tolerate placing these things everywhere.

Comment: Re:How does custom firmware "lose sales" (Score 1) 190

by LunarEffect (#28152247) Attached to: PSP Go With 16GB Memory and Bluetooth Leaked
I agree wholeheartedly. The homebrew community has released a huge amount of incredibly useful software to enhance the whole PSP experience. Filemanagers, VNC clients, Emulators, Infrared Remotes....etc. Actually, the Homebrew community is the only reason I bought a PSP in the first place. I own every single game I have for the PSP, I actually bought every UMD. They definitely didn't lose any sales on me.

Comment: The best art... (Score 1) 708

by LunarEffect (#28094025) Attached to: Sony CEO Proposes "Guardrails For the Internet"
is made by artists who don't do it for money and fame, but for the pleasure it gives people, or for the need to express themselves freely, to spread their message.
Its as one of my favorite street poets, Mr Lif said: "Poetry ends when money contends."

Good examples are:
The artists on Jamendo, Deviant Art, Youtube, and of course the funny, intelligent people posting on /., entertaining me with their awesome comments! =)

What I'm trying to say is...I can entertain myself pretty well legally without having to pay big corporations. Free alternatives keep the competition high forcing competitors, be they commercial or not, to produce quality stuff =)

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