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Comment: Re:Elon Musk's Rebuttal (Score 1) 319

by Luminair (#30872006) Attached to: Panel Warns NASA On Commercial Astronaut Transport

that isn't spinning, you just don't know what you are talking about. he simply spoke with explicit detail.

NASA has to pay for the escape system, then tell SpaceX how to build it, and then qualify it as man-rated. NASA has not done this, so it is not man-rated. BECAUSE IT DOESN'T EXIST

Comment: opensolaris (Score 1) 906

by Luminair (#27649619) Attached to: Oracle Buys Sun

people should be told before it disappears, that opensolaris is the desktop distribution of solaris, based on open solaris code. like an ubuntu clone, only with solaris. it is maintained basically entirely by sun. what will happen is that since oracle doesn't care about a desktop os, the desktop os part of that initiative will be flushed. and the solaris os migration from the old solaris code to new opensolaris code and build systems and such will probably be accelerated.

oracle wants sun because sun has everything oracle needs to provide service top to bottom. all of the official releases from both companies, and the internal memo, speak of this. they all mention solaris and "open" java. none of them mention opensolaris.

they also don't mention workstation machines, virtualbox desktop virtualization, and whatever else sun does that oracle doesn't care about.

so anyway, RIP opensolaris. people at sun worked hard for years now bringing it up to standards set by linux desktop distros.

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