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Comment: Re:Won't do much good (Score 1) 230

by LukeWebber (#43788755) Attached to: Australia Makes Asian Language Learning a Priority

It's a step in the WRONG direction. Why should a kid be forced to learn an Asian language? Suppose s/he has Italian or other antecendents, and wants to be able to speak to Nonna? Or a a passionate interest in the classics, and wants to learn Latin or Greek.
It's a big mistake to build in more mandatory components to our education system. We should be making it more flexible, not less.

Comment: Re:Yay! (Score 1) 160

by LukeWebber (#43632903) Attached to: In Australian Town, Public CCTV Off Over Privacy Concerns

I wonder how many of the people who argue against surveillance cameras would be so principled if they were ever to be the victims of violent crime. It's my bet that they'd be the first ones screaming for the footage.
Go ahead and take my picture. I doubt it's worth looking at and there is, in any case, too much video for anybody to bother studying more than a tiny part of it. There really is no use for it other than catching criminals.
It's not that I trust our government, but I do know that they're not a totalitarian regime. And if they were, there's bugger-all we could do about surveillance anyway. As long as the cameras contribute to the crime clearance rates, I'm fine with it. /Australian

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by LukeWebber (#42280625) Attached to: Ban On Loud TV Commercials Takes Effect Today

You might think so, but by the measures used in Australia, they get away with commercials that seem way too loud to the listener, and then they're all "Oh, it only *sounds* louder, but it's perfectly OK". And the stations get away with it. Because they set the rules.
I just hope your law doesn't permit that.

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