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Comment: Re:What the hell (Score 2) 759

by LucidBeast (#43260025) Attached to: Will Donglegate Affect Your Decision To Attend PyCon?
So one should just keep watching '70 start trek reruns?

Did anybody read the pycon code of conduct?

"License This Code of Conduct was forked from the example policy from the Geek Feminism wiki, created by the Ada Initiative and other volunteers. which is under a Creative Commons Zero license."

That's just too funn... er, I mean I'm offended!!!

Comment: Thank you for not singing (Score 2) 313

by LucidBeast (#42573153) Attached to: Learn Basic Programming So You Aren't At the Mercy of Programmers
Singing and programming takes time to learn. If you can't sing, sing only in your shower. If you can't code, thank you not for pretending that you do. How often have you heard somebody mention that Fortran lab they did back in their college days to get street credibility among a software development team. That's like telling Pavarotti that since I know words to "Mary had a little lamb" I'm just like you.

Comment: Re:UofA says no (Score 1) 433

by LucidBeast (#42431251) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: CS Degree While Working Full Time?
How do you know that the code I write is not all that? Just because a real programmers can write code quickly it doesn't make them bad programmers. On the contrary, if you know what you are doing you can code cleanly and quickly. There seems to be multitude of people who have opinion on software development who should concentrate on something entirely else like TPS reports. Are you one of those guys who has to assemble a committee to change a font size?

Comment: Re:UofA says no (Score 4, Interesting) 433

by LucidBeast (#42420335) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: CS Degree While Working Full Time?
I just coded the final lab for bunch of University of Arizona (or some college near by) just for kicks... Took me 12 hours and these dudes probably had more than four months to do it. If I can do that, there must be some value to my skill... I'm just a high school graduate... Couple of years of University of Helsinki CS (I think Torvalds was still there when I started), but lost interest when I realized I know how to do stuff.

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