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Comment Re:Subpoenas and the right against self-incriminat (Score 1) 169

I mean, under the same logic, search warrants should be illegal because by letting someone into your house you'd be "self-incriminating". Doesn't work that way.

I'm already a bit lost in the jargon, but I think the key difference is whether extraction of knowledge is involved. To "let someone in your house," all you have to do is stand aside. To give up a password means revealing something that you know rather than possess.

I also think (my opinion now) that giving up of passwords under warrant is arguably reasonable. A warrant would be required, which puts the control in the hands of the court and not in those of the investigating officers.

Comment Re:More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 592

This. Also I believe there is a law about "duly erected sign," at least in my state. In other words, where signs would generally be expected (stop, speed limit, etc), road markings alone have no enforceable meaning. Even if the line is painted with the word "STOP" beside it, if there's no sign, you don't have to stop.

Also this again. Police departments want to generate ticket revenue? Forget speed traps. Station an officer at intersections with a digital camera and a ticket book purely for people failing to stop behind the line.

Comment Re:Microsoft invading even on Android OS of Google (Score 1) 159

Did you notice why all Apple products connects to Apple Inc.. servers 24/7 ?

Yes, this is how push notifications work and is openly documented here: Relevant section:

Each device establishes an accredited and encrypted IP connection with APNs and receives notifications over this persistent connection.

(Emphasis added)

Comment Re:Going to be keeping my car for a while... (Score 1) 112

That's not really a very relevant indicator, though. For you, the "electronics package" seemed to consist of only things you found helpful. In, I suspect, a great many cases, the "electronics package" contains a few tremendously useful things, and a handful of fluff things. There's no indication of which particular features purchasers of the "electronics package" actually care about.

Comment Re:Junkies (Score 1) 151

I would love to be on your side on this argument. Do you have any references for your claim of "...brilliant drug warriors recently ... sending tens of thousands of people away from doctors ... and into the arms of heroin dealers"? The implication is that you are referring to a specific incident or government decision, which I would like to know more about.

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