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Comment: Re:This is very bad design (Score 1) 215

by Lotharus (#36011218) Attached to: VMware Causes Second Outage While Recovering From First
I think you're still missing the point. The point is that they made a statement which leaves room for interpretation. Your mindset leads you to make certain inferences that you feel are common sense. There's nothing wrong with your interpretation of the statement; what's wrong is that they made the statement in such a way as to require you to reach your conclusions.

A better statement could have been, "a technician mistakenly entered commands that resulted in the system failure," if that is what happened. Then there's no room for you or me to reach any conclusions, because they told us what really happened.

Comment: Re:This is very bad design (Score 1) 215

by Lotharus (#36010156) Attached to: VMware Causes Second Outage While Recovering From First
I believe OP's point is the way VMWare described the occurrence. By dumbing-down the official explanation, they imply several statements I would not want to hear from a professional service provider:
  • - Our users are too stupid to understand the real cause
  • - We're too stupid to understand the real cause
  • - Our employees can't be trusted to truthfully recount the events of an incident to their management
  • - Our systems are so fragile that an actual errant touch brings down the whole operation
  • - We've discovered an issue so severe that we're afraid to tell our users / the world what it is, lest it be exploited

That's the problem with vague, imprecise explanations. They leave room for interpretation.

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by Lotharus (#34036798) Attached to: Xbox 360 Jailbreaker May Need Real Jailbreak
In some cases, the phone isn't really completely yours. If you purchased your phone at a discount as part of a service carrier's promotion, that carrier paid for part of the phone (and thereby, in some sense, has part ownership of the device), until they recoup the cost through your monthly service fees.

Of course, if you bought an iPhone (for example) directly from Apple at full retail price, then yes, it's yours.

Comment: Re:And what if they refuse? (Score 1) 246

by Lotharus (#33972996) Attached to: Sony Gets Nasty With PSBreak Buyers
Interesting. You respond by promising illegal acts (dissemination of copyrighted works). (As an aside, for the sake of this argument, who fscking cares about the sense behind the law, it is law.)

I respond by not wanting to buy another Sony product, ever. I bought an Xbox 360 for the Indie development opportunity. I figured the next current console I'd buy would be a Wii simply because it's less expensive. This behavior of Sony cinches it. I will never(*) own a PS3.

(*) Never say never...

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