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Comment Mabinogi (Score 1) 555

There's a fairly old MMO, called Mabinogi. It was one of the first MMOs to use a reflexive combat system (as opposed to everquest's hit Q for auto attack). It also plays more like a single player jrpg that happens to be an MMO, than a traditional MMO.

However, Nexon manages it, and they are terrible as far as customer support goes. It took them over two years to respond to a support request regarding NX (the real money currency) stolen from my account.

Comment Re:Seize wallet or real coints? (Score 1) 198

I would imagine that an inflationary currency would have the same problems, just in a different spot than a deflationary currency.

Inflationary currency:
Man, I'd better buy stuff with this, so it doesn't lower in value.
Shit... I'm getting paid in something that's only going to get more worthless, why should I accept this crap?

Deflationary currency:
Hmm, do I really need to buy X? If I wait a year, I can afford 1.03 X!
What's that? You're paying me in something that will get more and more valuable? Awsome.

The second seems a lot more conductive, as it encourages people to *gasp* save money. A concept that has been lost on Americans for a long time.

Comment Re:Wrong direction (Score 1) 60

>The problem is that with bitcoins, I have to deal with it. I don't want to. I want a simple method of payment that guarantees me my money back if something goes wrong. And I want a simple method of payment that once it's in my account, I know it's in my account, and not subject to removal up to six months later.

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