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Comment: Re:It's the code, stupid! (Score 1) 108

Lots of people fail at preventing SQL Injection. Lots of people who really ought to know better:

This isn't magic, and it's no replacement for a good secure software development program, but it's a fair bit better than nothing.

Comment: Re:17 pencils (Score 1) 160

by Lord_Byron (#36087798) Attached to: Vintage Collection of Tech Failures

Why do you bother? I mean, your screen is lit, and surely lights up your keyboard....

Yes, yes, most people need papers or books or something as they work, I know. But more seriously, a low-wattage LED task light might be more efficient & less annoying.

I'm lucky to have a private office, and the overhead lights are almost always off. It's just a personal preference, but I keep a number of smaller, softer, perhaps more power efficient lights on, to make the space more attractive.

Comment: Re:Labels and Pop Culture (Score 1) 134

by Lord_Byron (#35946820) Attached to: NYC Resistor: DIY Hackers Doing Awesome Things

There may not be quite as little cross-over as you think. I know at least some of the Resistor folks are hams, for example. And the TAPR license is one of the better known Open Hardware licenses; Open Hardware being a related movement and TAPR being a group that concentrates on digital amateur radio.

There is some culture clash, I'm sure, as there are individuals we're talking about. Although IME, both groups are very welcoming to newcomers.

You probably won't find hackerspace types rag-chewing on HF much, but doing cool stuff on VHF+? Sure.

If you know an ARC and a hackerspace community in close-ish range, have you tried introducing them? Maybe try to work with both groups to get a fox hunt on, or something.

Comment: Re:Exiled From Earth (Score 1) 333

by Lord_Byron (#35944996) Attached to: Computer Opens Unmanned Store For Holiday

I stayed in a hotel like that a couple of times. It was over Christmas, so you might've seen people at other times, but I checked in via credit card at a terminal in the vestibule, and got my keycard which gave me access to the lobby and room. The next morning, I checked out via the same system, got my receipt, and moved on. It was really very peaceful.

Comment: Re:Long Dong Rocket (Score 1) 250

by Lord_Byron (#35854000) Attached to: China Aims To Build World's Largest Rocket

Whooosh! The ridges the GP was referring to are on Klingons, playing on their change in appearance between TOS and the first movie. The character Checkov on TOS used to talk about how Russia invented everything, and later the Klingons did they did (even Shakespeare was Klingon).

The other examples are good, thank you. And you're right, the joke became unfunny through over use & should have died before Worf got to it. ;)

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