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Desktops (Apple)

+ - (REALLY) complete, turnkey NeXT cube on ebay 1

Submitted by xarph
xarph (38837) writes "This here has to be the complete collection of NeXT gear to hit eBay in quite some time. You get a cube, a NeXT printer, the proprietary monitor, original NeXT-branded power cords, tons of software, 50 pounds of documentation, a complete spare motherboard and MO drive, and — most impressively — a preloaded NeXTStep 3.3 OS that's already been patched to Y2K, had a DHCP client installed and configured, and the last version of the OmniWeb browser that still runs on a cube. Just plug it into a standard cable/dsl router, press the power button on the keyboard, and brag that you're posting from a NeXT."

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