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Comment Re:Cycle beating. (Score 1) 370

and have to operate in a higher RPM range to haul cargo and/or passengers
Increasing wear and tear and drastically reducing the life of the vehicle.
Ever hear someone say, "the don't make stuff to last anymore"?
Well now you know why (in part at least) stuff doesn't last as long as they used to.

Comment Re:Lemme let you in on the secret... (Score 2, Insightful) 494

No, I fail to see why software that my team and I have spent months/years writing should be open sourced so you can download and change it for free. Open source has it's place, but making money is generally not one of them. Sure there are exceptions, but the vast majority of open source software is written by people for free. One last thing most people outside the IT industry don't realise is that writing software is VERY expensive, that expense needs to be justified and recouped otherwise it won't get done.

Comment Re:Wrong, you bigot! (Score 1) 146

Windows made working with CLI difficult intentionally, so in Windows you will almost always work faster in the GUI.
Erm, no. Windows made it so you COULD use the GUI instead of the CLI.
In linux you HAVE to use the CLI.

FYI, I use windows as my primary OS, at work and at home, and I use the CLI in windows all the time.

Comment Re: Unavoidable (Score 1) 956

Of course the terrorists won, same as the drug dealers, and the Vietnamese and North Korea. America is good at starting wars, not so good at actually finishing them (other than world war 2, kudo's for that, you ended it by blowing away two cities full of civilians). Although arguably the fire bombing of Tokyo did more damage, and lets not forget Dresden.

Comment Re:Bah (Score 1) 97

Sigh, no it's not. They want you home so that they can force you to hand over the valuables. And it's not one or two people kicking down the door, it's usually 4 or more. Also the legalities and issues around having a firearm in South Africa (legally that is) means most home owners are not armed. These are desperate people. One of the things they raid is the groceries in the fridge / deepfreeze. They want cellphones, tablets, laptops, TV's, bank cards. I have a guitar, worth a lot of money, didn't even touch it, admittedly they probably didn't realise how much it was worth.

Comment Re:Groklaw Needed More Than Ever (Score 1) 457

Yeah, but there is a shortage of programmers who would know them. The cost to retrain an entire IT division to another language, rewrite what has already been written into the new language, AND then do a full testing cycle to make sure it all still does what it's supposed to would be HUGE! Unless of course your "team" is three people and all you have written is a porn website.

Comment Re:YES (Score 2) 141

It's not always that easy. Unlike a gf / bf dumping a job that is putting food on the table without having another job lined up is not a very good idea. Nowadays most people don't save, so taking a month or two to find another job without a steady pay check would mean oodles of debt. Or you take the first one that is offered, only to find it's worse. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Then there are also days when everything goes to shit, you're irritated, your team is under pressure, upper management are grumpy (probably because they just got dumped by their gf /bf) so days like that you would probably REALLY want to say YES. But then most other days work is fine. If it was all fun and games at work they would not have to pay you (or pay you as much at least).

Comment Bah (Score 4, Interesting) 97

The don't get that technical here in South Africa. They just broadcast ANY other signal as you walk away from your car and hit the lock button on your remote. It interferes with your lock signal and the car remains unlocked. If you are not paying attention you don't notice that your car fails to lock and they are in. And no, they are not trying to steal the car, they just steal whatever you left behind in the car, most of them don't even bother trying to steal the radio. Unemployment is high, they steal what they can. It's gotten so bad they kick down your front door, alarms blazing, steal whatever they can grab and make a runner in the 5 minutes it takes armed response to get there (and yes, that's happened to me).

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