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Comment: Why is this news (Score 1) 70

by LordWabbit2 (#48044855) Attached to: UK Government Tax Disc Renewal Website Buckles Under Pressure
Any site will collapse if there is an unusually high volume of traffic. Why spend millions in hardware that is going to idle just to cater for the odd spike or /. effect. I don't even know why this is news? Are they going to post an article each time /. or twitter et al accidently drops someone's website because of a post?

Comment: Re:Start menu usage dropped in lieu of what? (Score 2) 266

by LordWabbit2 (#48027159) Attached to: Microsoft's Asimov System To Monitor Users' Machines In Real Time
I disagree, what's the harm in pinning your most commonly used programs to the task bar? You do realise that right clicking most programs (Visual studio, any office program even UltraEdit) brings up a convenient list of recently open documents / projects. For outlook you can create new emails, appointments etc without having to go into Outlook.

Comment: Google is dying (Score 1) 421

I've stopped using google as my primary search engine, it sucks at searching for warez (yes I pirate the odd movie, am currently stuck in an ass backward country) and the first ranking searches are paid for. It tracks the crap out of you and now there is a big push from them to try match all your google accounts together so they can track you even better. Fvck that sh!t. I have to use 3 different browsers just to stop it. With all the DMCA notices they are receiving their searches are getting next to useless. Started using bing (god forbid but it WAS better for certain searches) until I discovered duckduckgo.

Comment: That's nothing (Score 1) 335

by LordWabbit2 (#48018257) Attached to: State of Iowa Tells Tesla To Cancel Its Scheduled Test Drives
Where I live (South Africa) the car manufacturers were accused of price fixing and fined. Didn't bring down the price of cars though. One guy found it was cheaper to fly to Australia, buy his car there and have it shipped back to South Africa. The car is made here, in Port Elizabeth.

Comment: Re:Small setup (Score 1) 287

by LordWabbit2 (#47943591) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter?
Nice Router, I had to run an Ethernet cable downstairs from the loft into a second router on the first floor to cover the rest of my house. House is all brick and mortar, not sure what the floor is made out of but it stops the wireless signal dead. On the plus side I stuck the router behind the TV and plugged it into the network. Can stream anything to the TV without any hiccups.

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