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Comment: Re:If this helmet is that great (Score 1) 184

by LordWabbit2 (#47529299) Attached to: "Magic Helmet" For F-35 Ready For Delivery
I would imagine it would take a lot of rewiring to get the camera's etc in place. My father used to work for an aerospace company as an electrician, trust me, there is not a lot of room in fighter jets to just add more stuff. Components would need to be replaced with miniature or more compact versions to make more space for the new equipment, this in turn would require changes to the wiring harness etc. etc. Probably be cheaper to buy an F-35 than try retrofit another plane - well maybe not considering the price tag of the F-35!.

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There are ALWAYS people in a company of significant size who are not pulling their weight, or for whatever reason are no longer team players, no longer have the skills required etc. etc. This sounds like a classic chaff cutting exercise (soz to those who are losing their jobs though), I am sure having MS on your CV will help tons in getting another position, and since IT is in high demand at the moment it should not take long :-)

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by LordWabbit2 (#47313033) Attached to: Court Releases DOJ Memo Justifying Drone Strike On US Citizen
The only reason they are "free" to speak what they feel like is because they have all been brainwashed by their own media machine into only speaking what they are trained to. Spend an hour or two on Russia Today to get an idea of how biased news reporting is (including RT, but it illustrates the point). I have feeds to several eastern and western news sites hoping somehow that the amalgamation of the two will be closer to the truth.

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by LordWabbit2 (#47063835) Attached to: New IE 8 Zero Day Discovered
Sorry, but as a programmer different dates formats are a bloody pain in the ass. Say it like you want to (while putting a pancake on your head, I don't give a shit) but store it (ie. type it) in ISO format. YYYY-MM-DD

There are a lot of systems which transmit data as strings (xml, json, csv) which need to get parsed back into datetime and a simple thing like YYYY/MM/DD instead of YYYY-MM-DD can cause a cluster fuck of note. If everyone just used the ISO format my job would be a lot easier.
As a developer who helped fix the Y2K issues that would have happened at a major bank I am well and truly tired of different date formats.

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Been there seen that, trying to refactor a steaming pile of cr@p right now into something that doesn't fall over if a user farts.
Doesn't help that it's really old code, changed by people who could not be bothered to figure out how the underlying system worked and just hacked away at it like a drunken monkey in front of a keyboard until it sort of worked.
To add insult to injury, when they needed to add a table or a new report they simply used whatever was at hand instead of sticking to the framework or report generator the system was built on. So now it's a mishmash of four different data layers, three different report generators, and two different programing languages, all because figuring out how nHibernate and Crystal Reports worked was too much effort.

Some programmers should be shot.
Or at least made to maintain their own steaming piles of cr@p.

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by LordWabbit2 (#46621293) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever
Heh, when I phone my land line company (we only have one) I have to enter the 10 digit phone number, then when you eventually get to living person the first thing they do is ask you for your phone number. Fvck knows why you have to enter it in in the first place. Fvck knows what happens to it afterwards.

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