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Comment: Re:Adoption by large organizations limits extincti (Score 1) 546

by LordWabbit2 (#48111733) Attached to: Goodbye, World? 5 Languages That Might Not Be Long For This World
Which is why COBOL won't die. It does what it is designed to do really really well. That and the cost to "just rewrite it in java" is too high. When people tell me "just rewrite it in java" I just shake my head and walk away. They are the type of people who think a seventy page website is a "big" project. I worked at a company where just printing the working storage section took a ream of paper, double sided. Granted whoever let the program grow so big should have been dragged into the street and beaten to death with the printer, but there are BILLIONS of lines of COBOL code out their, doing your taxes, house mortgages, credit card interest, etc. etc. Boring fvcken language though, glad I only did 4 years of it before getting out.

Comment: Re:This doesn't add up (Score 2) 83

by LordWabbit2 (#48089653) Attached to: Infected ATMs Give Away Millions of Dollars Without Credit Cards
They rotate all servicing of the machines, George the serviceman does not have a fixed route, it would be too easy to set up an ambush if the routines were fixed. They do log everything of course, but there is nothing stopping George from going to the ATM six months later to withdraw some money when he will never be suspected. This kind of hack requires a lot of collaboration between parties.
a) The programmer(s) working for the bank
b) The people servicing the ATM's
Unless of course the ATM's in question are one of those generic cash machines instead of custom made bank ATM's

Comment: Re:Wow, that was quick. (Score 1) 72

by LordWabbit2 (#48045713) Attached to: iOS Trojan Targets Hong Kong Protestors
I imagine most first world governments have a cyber division by now, who are quietly searching for exploits, and when one is found it's put into a database for future use, and not reported to whoever made the software. I'll but when shellshock was discovered by external security researchers there was a collective "Aaah Damn It!" from the NSA.

Comment: Why is this news (Score 2) 145

by LordWabbit2 (#48044855) Attached to: UK Government Tax Disc Renewal Website Buckles Under Pressure
Any site will collapse if there is an unusually high volume of traffic. Why spend millions in hardware that is going to idle just to cater for the odd spike or /. effect. I don't even know why this is news? Are they going to post an article each time /. or twitter et al accidently drops someone's website because of a post?

Comment: May the penalty death (Score 1) 575

by LordWabbit2 (#48044819) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics
Instead of invading our privacy to "protect the children" make the fucking penalty of molesting children death. Instead of a slap on the wrist two year sentence and then letting the fucker walk around to do it again. The Russians do more, they do chemical castration.

Comment: Re:Start menu usage dropped in lieu of what? (Score 2) 269

by LordWabbit2 (#48027159) Attached to: Microsoft's Asimov System To Monitor Users' Machines In Real Time
I disagree, what's the harm in pinning your most commonly used programs to the task bar? You do realise that right clicking most programs (Visual studio, any office program even UltraEdit) brings up a convenient list of recently open documents / projects. For outlook you can create new emails, appointments etc without having to go into Outlook.

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