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Comment: Re:Not GoDaddy. (Score 2) 295

by LordWabbit2 (#49281675) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Advice For Domain Name Registration?
My experience with GoFuckYourselfDaddy was also not pleasant. Had a VM with them which they arbitrarily shutdown due to "unusual traffic" took them a month to respond and restart the server, not even sure what the "unusual traffic" was since I was barely using it except for some ftp's. Maybe the "unusual traffic" was due to the fact that there was barely any traffic. Also it was slow, I think they have horribly oversold their services.

Comment: Re:EA got too greedy (as usual) (Score 2) 256

by LordWabbit2 (#49281645) Attached to: SimCity's Empire Has Fallen and Skylines Is Picking Up the Pieces
Stopped playing battlefield and cod ages ago, I don't play online anymore, so for such a short single player campaign it's just not worth it. Been digging into the indie games on steam - some real gems in there - like "This war of mine", depressing as fuck - but still an awesome game.

Comment: Re:Par for the course (Score 1) 140

Please, I am relying on other search engines more and more.
I go looking for a review of a movie and half of the google results are
In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s)
The automated DMCA removal requests are turning google search into a joke.

Comment: Re:CHEAP Intel (Score 1) 23

by LordWabbit2 (#49213641) Attached to: AMD Enters Virtual Reality Fray With LiquidVR SDK At GDC
Talking CPU, dude.
And yes, buying 4 PC's which can play any game currently on the market is not cheap, so the initial PC's were AMD because of the cost involved. When I was upgrading them the difference between AMD and Intel (cost and performance) was such that I found it cheaper to go Intel. I use "upgrade" rather loosely here, since we all know that after a couple years an "upgrade" means "buying another computer".

Comment: Re:No lyrics. (Score 1) 181

by LordWabbit2 (#49194851) Attached to: Musician Releases Album of Music To Code By
Same here, if you have heard it a few dozen times it's no longer a distraction (as long as you like the song) have hot keyed next song etc. to keys in my normal typing position so I don't even have to move my hands to the media keys. I listen to music to drown the rest of the office out, in todays open plan fvcken office it's too easy to get distracted by something. I miss out on some of the scuttlebutt, but I generally catch up on that during my lunch break so no great loss.

Comment: Re:ATW and Late latching (Score 1) 23

by LordWabbit2 (#49178657) Attached to: AMD Enters Virtual Reality Fray With LiquidVR SDK At GDC
I used to be a rabid AMD supporter, until about ~5 years ago when I needed to upgrade the families PC's, did some research and picked Intel. AMD have really fallen behind, and I am sure the only reason the next gen console makers picked AMD is because AMD offered them bulk prices that they could not ignore.

Comment: Re:You are free to have killer robots (Score 4, Interesting) 318

And yet we have them and they are largely, if not universally, obeyed
What the hell are you smoking? Not even the US follows the Geneva conventions.
Guantanamo bay, water boarding, drone strikes on vehicles with "suspected" terrorists without checking if there are children or other non combatants on board.
I personally think Killer Robot's might be better in the field than some dumb jock with a trigger happy finger, and I don't just lump the US into this category, it's been an on going issue for EVERY army. Friendly fire isn't.

Comment: Re:Soo soo tired..... (Score 1) 144

IMO if you bought Lenovo, you didn't give a shit anyway
Couldn't agree more, the only time I ever used a Lenovo was when it was handed to me at work. Look's like a pregnant brick, weight's more than a pregnant brick, and generally suck in all ways considering the pricetag. Besides, I ALWAYS format a new laptop, drivers are usually out of date when it lands in your lap, so you may as well DL the latest ones and make a clean start. Look, what they are doing is wrong, and retarded, when this news goes mainstream a lot of companies that supported them will drop them like a hot... brick. Oh the irony. Almost all of the companies that handed my one for work were financial institutions, they will not be amused with this turn of events, talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Comment: Re:Pen name? (Score 2) 148

And a damn good job he did, as much as I love the series, the middle of it was a grind to get through. Seemed like a lot of dress twitching and braid pulling to me. Especially book 10, although the end was awesome getting there was painful (and I took a day off work to read it). But Sanderson brought the series back to vivid spectacular life again.

Comment: Re:Time for men's liberation (Score 1) 369

by LordWabbit2 (#49071897) Attached to: Two New Male Birth Control Chemicals In Advanced Stages
if I would get a tiny life form growing inside of me, I would assume it's MY responsibility to decide if *I* want that to happen to me
That's a bit egotesticle, if you choose to have sex with someone you should also bear the consequences, after all it takes two (or three or BUKAKKE!) to Tango.
Placing all the anus on the female to prevent pregnancy is unfair and this will allow for more options when sex is wanted but progeny are not. A lot of people don't realise that something as simple as a runny stomach from a dodgy curry can negate the pill, as well as throwing up, anti b's, certain cough medicines etc. etc

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