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by LordWabbit2 (#47746085) Attached to: If Java Wasn't Cool 10 Years Ago, What About Now?
Couldn't agree more - worked at a settlement and clearing company and their messaging systems where java based, every now and then they would freeze up and stop processing messages. Logs were ~500mb of text - java devs would spend hours pouring through them trying to figure out why the system was hanging on occasion, AFAIK it's still hanging.

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by LordWabbit2 (#47661823) Attached to: The Quiet Before the Next IT Revolution
Virtualization is a pain in the ass. Want a new prod server? *click*
Want a new dev environment? *click*
Want a new db server? *click*
Need an FTP server? *click*
Need an HTTP server? *click*

Before you know it when you need to deploy a small software change it becomes a big deal because you have a billion bloody servers to update.
Before virtualization (or at least the ease of virtualization) you took your time and planned - checked available resources etc. Resources were scarce, RAM wasn't so abundant, disk space was metered out. Now the prices have dropped (or capacity increased, or both) that it doesn't really matter. At least in Dev, in Prod SSD space is the bottleneck now.

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Just like to mention that the transformers are oil cooled and require regular maintenance (ie, change their oil). The oil is slightly hydroscopic and absorbs water over time, if left for too long it causes a short and a high voltage arc in several thousand litres of oil makes a very big boom.

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Video stores are closing all over the world because of the internet. Newspapers are downsizing, magazines are closing their doors because of the internet. It's another logical step to see book stores downsizing/closing as well. There will probably always be book stores around, but it's going to become a niche market where instead of having a book store in every town you will only have them in major city centres. It's inevitable. Kicking and screaming about it is just wasting oxygen. As for the publisher, you add a table of contents, some proofreading and expect a 30% cut! Word can add a bloody table of contents, pay some underpaid English school teacher to proof read it, get on Deviant art and get some underpaid Art student to do a cover and voila, instant publisher. The only need for a publisher was to upfront the costs of printing the fvcking book! That's gone now, and so should publishers. I have read about authors who eventually became big big names who were continually rejected by publishers because they had their head stuck up their own asses. How many masterpieces are lying rejected and discarded because some publisher did not enjoy the book or actually did not take the time to read it. I don't need some opinionated greedy middle man deciding what is good enough for me to read. Get rid of them.

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I would imagine it would take a lot of rewiring to get the camera's etc in place. My father used to work for an aerospace company as an electrician, trust me, there is not a lot of room in fighter jets to just add more stuff. Components would need to be replaced with miniature or more compact versions to make more space for the new equipment, this in turn would require changes to the wiring harness etc. etc. Probably be cheaper to buy an F-35 than try retrofit another plane - well maybe not considering the price tag of the F-35!.

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There are ALWAYS people in a company of significant size who are not pulling their weight, or for whatever reason are no longer team players, no longer have the skills required etc. etc. This sounds like a classic chaff cutting exercise (soz to those who are losing their jobs though), I am sure having MS on your CV will help tons in getting another position, and since IT is in high demand at the moment it should not take long :-)

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