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Comment: Re:What now? 1 billion! (Score 1) 238

by LordThyGod (#46781015) Attached to: Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?

If you don't think Excel is widely used for all sorts of meaningless crap across a wide array of corporate and non-corporate jobs you're being willfully ignorant.

Corporate world sure, everywhere else is a maybe sometimes, which is a long way from "almost everyone", which is just ridiculous. That comes from people who live in a corporate world and thinks everyone else does too. Not. There are tons of people in the non-corporate world who don't even need a spreadsheet for anything. And some who do, that don't use Excel.

Comment: Re:What now? 1 billion! (Score 0) 238

by LordThyGod (#46779955) Attached to: Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?

Because, unfortunately in some regards, (almost) everyone uses Excel for EVERYTHING. Most people outside of Slashdot could probably name one Database program (Microsoft Access) that they've heard of, and I'm willing to bet most of them don't know how to use it.

I don't see a smiley so I guess this is meant to be serious. You must be stuck in one shit hole corporate job somewhere if you think that about Excel. You are wrong on databases too. I'd say most people couldn't name any, and why should they? 2 of 2, nice.

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I originally bought my 920 for just the camera; I have kids so I wanted to have a good camera at all times.

It wound up being better then the iPhone in a lot of ways, and now with the update (yes, I went to the developer preview mode) it's actually far better than iPhone or Android. And I have a Galaxy S4 I use for work, so it's not for lack of trying everything.

The only quip I have right now is the way that associations for things are handles (open with), but I think there has been some work done here, apps just have to take advantage of it.

Yea, maybe its got it all covered, but why are they always last to the party? Why does it take years? It looks like they wait for other people to have an idea, then imitate that. Give me somebody who is looking ahead and not back, please. Tiles? Please, not enough people care that it makes a difference.

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by LordThyGod (#46575363) Attached to: Google Glass Signs Deal With Ray Ban's Parent Company

Using Google Sheets for business purposes shows a serious lack of technical knowledge.

I'm guessing you think Excel is a way to look at rows of a database in the form of a CSV, in which case ... you're doing it wrong across the board.

Nonsense. Actually I was thinking in terms of sharing information and real time editing and collaboration. Those are the big advantages. We moved past that static document thing a while back. Emailing spreadsheets or docs is 1990's technology. Its the 90's equivalent of "sneaker net" at that, for people that haven't figured out there's a better way to share information. How do you guys with all that "technical knowledge" have multiple people in multiple locations edit the same file at the same time? I hope you don't use email for that too. That would suck from both productivity and data integrity standpoints.

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by LordThyGod (#46559363) Attached to: Google Tries To Defuse Glass "Myths"

Well said! There is a big difference between holding a phone vertically at eye hight (=most probably taking a picture) and the diagonal position used to crush candy or communicate via text or do other stuff. I think it is a sign on the wall that 99% of the criticism is about taking pictures and only 1% about things like distraction and so forth. It is all about consent and not knowing if someone is (not) taking a picture. And even if the wearer is not actively engaged in taking pictures, remote access tools might be able to take over. There is a reason I got the webcam taped off on my laptop... I just simply fail to see why a webcam strapped to a face is a nice idea.

It's not only about taking pictures and video without consent, it is about the device doing it being connected to the immense data collection machine that is Google, with capabilities to aggregate and correlate, track and face-recognize.

So in a couple of years when the technology is embedded in lapel pins or other subtle wearables, and they are "always on", what do we do, ban jewelry and clothing accessories? This is like horse owners complaining about them new fangled motorized carriages because they are loud, dangerous and the money all goes to Detroit. Its just humans being humans.

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by LordThyGod (#46542675) Attached to: Inside NSA's Efforts To Hunt Sysadmins

Small-time admins maybe. If one works as part of a larger team, automation and documentation is king - any such backdoors would get anyone into trouble, quick.

I guess you have a definition of "small time", but I am thinking of alleged Chinese theft of Google source code. The "backdoor" was IE and very clever phishing.

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by LordThyGod (#46509163) Attached to: Dorian Nakamoto Officially Denies That He Created Bitcoin

Prefaced by this gem:

Of course, there is also the chance "Satoshi Nakamoto" is a pseudonym, but that raises the question why someone who wishes to remain anonymous would choose such a distinctive name.

But not the question why someone who wished to remain anonymous would chose his own name.

Exactly! Not even a moron would use their own name to conceal their identity.

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by LordThyGod (#46477511) Attached to: Microsoft Dumping License Fees For Windows Phone?

Agree. And then there is the integrated Bing,, inferior maps, and all the other "goodies" that aren't as good as the Google services you get on a $50 PAYGO Android phone.

Just wondering if I could plug it into my Linux desktop, and copy files to/from easily or do I have to play for MS crapware to fully use. Just wondering, don't know, but that's part of the appeal for android for me, its pretty platform neutral. Including development tools.

Comment: Re:Other mobile OS? No, thanks (Score 1) 125

by LordThyGod (#46477459) Attached to: Microsoft Dumping License Fees For Windows Phone?

Great performance on lesser hardware. Windows Phone is more responsive on comparable hardware than Android or iOS. If it's free to license, I think you'll see Windows Phone make a good run at the lower-end phone already does fairly well there in Europe, we'll see what this does for their position in India.

Yea, but a lot of people have tried MS products. Why would they then buy a phone from them when there is low cost options?

Comment: Re:The post alludes to a flaw in xml-rpc, but... (Score 1) 58

by LordThyGod (#46465105) Attached to: Large DDoS Attack Brings WordPress Pingback Abuse Back Into Spotlight

We turn off comments and pingbacks because of just the pure amount of spam we were constantly dealing with on a regular basis. I agree this looks like a Wordpress flaw not an xml-rpc issue drupal or dotnetnuke are not having the same issue on there platforms.

That's probably because the ratio of dotnetnuke blogs with pingbacks enabled vs wordpress blogs with pingback enabled is a *illion to 1 or so. And if you were trying to use an amplification technique, dotnetnuke blogs probably isn't a good choice. You either use pingbacks or not. I don't believe there is a way to say "hey this is a good pingback from random stranger and this other one from random stranger2 over here is for malicious purposes". And probably one reason you don't want something to get too popular. Then it becomes a vehicle for stuff just because of its popularity. I host quite a few wordpress sites, and haven't seen any unusual traffic, so they are probably targeting large shared hosting operations with lots of WP sites.

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