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Comment Re:Oh, America (Score 1) 811

His message was invalid by the middle of the second paragraph. The poster seems to conclude it's the fault of the people who voted AND the fault of those who did not vote. You either voted the mess in, or didn't vote and let the mess in. Sorry, but that's pretty weak. What is the GPs suggested correct course of action then?

It seems like the suggestion is total uprising of the entire nation, bar none based on his blame of anyone in the country. We all know that is not even statistically feasible; people never agree on action to that degree. People protest the current state by the thousands every day and get little real attention and change almost nothing. Is the GP really saying the only correct course of action is to not vote and spend every day protesting or using violent revolt?

Sounds like someone blaming everyone bu themselves to me.

Old Man Murray Wikipedia Controversy Continues 173

An anonymous reader writes "As discussed previously on slashdot, the Old Man Murray article was deleted from Wikipedia. After much controversy, the article has been restored. However, the debate to delete the article continues, with both deletionists and Old Man Murray fans swarming to the article."

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