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Comment: Re:Major unanswered questions (Score 1) 50

by LordFolken (#47998411) Attached to: FAA Clears Movie and TV Drones For Takeoff
thought i made a spelling mistake, but at least Wikipedia agrees with me. Winter does bad things to aircraft. ;-) ice accumulates at the leading edge of wings and props, until the profile is no longer generating lift. That is why most aircraft have heating in the wings leading edge and mechanical deformation to break of the ice.

Comment: Major unanswered questions (Score 2) 50

by LordFolken (#47998191) Attached to: FAA Clears Movie and TV Drones For Takeoff
Disclaimer: I'm a Glider Pilot in Europe. I haven't yet seen a drone that actually operates autnonmously. What I mean by that, is active collision avoidance according to sensory input. Judging by the amount of noise complaints we get at every airfield in europe.. i doubt people will be very happy to have 100s of drones flying over their heads in the cities. Certification will not make halt in front of these drones. All equipment in aircraft must be certified. This requirement will still be there if you want to fly the drone in the vicinity of people. There is the question of miniaturization? How will they fit GPS/Transponder/anti icing technology and the additional power onto such a small platform?

Comment: Use Univention UCS (Score 1) 452

by LordFolken (#46719229) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

Its a Debian based business Server with an ldap directory backend. It spans multiple servers and roles. It seamlessly integrates samba4, so windows hosts are also happy with it.

It comes with a UCC (Univention Coorporate Client) which you can install via network boot. (just a few clicks.) Its KDE Based, lean and makes a lot of sense. Of course you can also hookup ubuntu.

I have done large installations 2500+ Users as well as 15 users shops with it.

Comment: Feature and Quality Reduction in X Series (Score 2) 347

by LordFolken (#42527089) Attached to: Change the ThinkPad and It Will Die

I always bought the tablet series of the X thinkpad. I own a x60t an x61t and now a x220t.

I recently compared the x201t to the x220t. Its a serious backstep.
It lacks quite a few leds on the bottom screen. It has a huge think frame around the screen. The frame is also very thick around the keyboard. The keyboard layout was changed. The Touchpad now was to be curbesmly pressed to generate a keypress, no longer dedicated buttons. The keyboard also has been changed to something less klicky.

The cablelayout outside is a mess. Especially that the power cable has moved to the back, and the ethernet to the right, where formerly everything was on the left.
I also miss the screen locking mechanism of the old series, a solid latch. Instead i now have rubber pads that constantly go missing.

The plus side is an ips panel and multitouch screen, decent speakers.

I will see if lenovo is buyable in the future....

Comment: I wouldn't count out Nokia and WP just yet... (Score 1) 409

by LordFolken (#41648277) Attached to: The Three Pillars of Nokia Strategy Have All Failed

(Disclaimer: I'm no fan of M$)

First of all: It wouldn' t be the first market that they rolled up from 0% marketshare: see the whole xbox stuff. They have the money reserve to fight a long uphill battle.

If you look at the big picture things start to make sense in their strategy: Basically they want to bundle everything. It doesn't matter where you enter your data (pc|phone|tablet) it will be synchorinzed with skydrive. Your dashboard will look the same regadless of what device you have. Some of the applications will be on all your devices.

They even add all the xbox stuff so you buy your game on your phone and will arrive home to find the game on your xbox.

As for nokia? well they will be on the lifeline until windows 8 is out..

Lets see what kind of marketadoption this will get.

Windows 8 is mainly a feature redux. But this will lead to it that many people who shy away from complex things will buy such a phone.

Comment: The challenge is feedback (Score 3, Interesting) 233

by LordFolken (#40982303) Attached to: Touch Interfaces In Cars Difficult To Use

Switches offer tactile feedback, both that it was pressed and what position it is in. You can find it blindly after some practice.

Touch-screens try to augment this (badly) with vibration, visual or audible cues. This is fine on a phone. In the car the audible works good. But you never know whether you have pressed the right thing.

Also touch screens are fine as long as you are on a smooth road.. but as soon as it gets rough you will have difficulty to operate them.

In Airplanes its even worse. I fly gliders as a hobby.. in the mountains the acceleration forces are so great that you can't even reach the dash properly. Even less hit a certain spot on a flat surface touchscreen. It requires a lot more attention and concentration than "just hitting a switch".

Comment: Re:Dear Swisstards (Score 1) 147

by LordFolken (#40854815) Attached to: Swiss Bank Threatens to Sue NASDAQ Over Facebook IPO

It also helped the jews survive. The Nazis simply did a sort on the list with jewish bank accounts and their ammounts. They just killed and targeted everyone starting from the top. Appropriating the money themselves in the process.

Which was one of the reasons why the swiss adopted bank secrecy laws in 1935.

Comment: Swisscom has been doing this for years. (Score 1) 56

by LordFolken (#40636843) Attached to: New York Experiments With Wi-Fi From Payphones

(I don't work for them, nor am i their customer)

They have set up all the payphones and highly frequented places with wifi. Their mobile subscriptions offer a transparent authentication process for these hotspots. So if you have a mobile phone from then then it will automatically join these hotspots if you are close.

Comment: Aviation Instruments:Transponder uses e-ink (Score 1) 161

by LordFolken (#37708482) Attached to: Looking For E-Ink Applications Beyond Ebook Readers
The main issue with conventional displays is readability in sunlight. Few displays are actually capable of that. Those that are are expensive both $$$ and powerwise. Something that may not be available on every aircraft. This transponder for GA uses an e-ink display (i think) I'm surprised that its not used more. I guess the slow update speed is an issue, and Graphical LCD displays are moslty enough for the other applications in the cockpit. What i'd like to see more is electronic flight bags with E-ink.

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