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Comment First things first. (Score 1) 839

Colonization, Orbital power generation, Mining asteroids and all other space endeavors are pretty much a pipe dream until we can find a reasonably affordable way to leave this sucking rock. So why don't all the geniuses get together and figure that one out first. Safe and affordable launch, Space elevator or Anti-gravity, whatever the means. Make it easy to get of the planet first, then we can get down to the business of exploration and exploitation.

Comment FPS rant (Score 1) 192

I'm into AA, CODWaW, Combat Arms, Crossfire and other FPS online games. And my problem with them is that I cannot seem to compete on the same level with the people running $3,500.00 rigs, X-fi sound cards, Mega graphics cards running in crossfire or SLI, and all the other advantages they can afford that I cannot. I'm running a two year old rig I spent $1,000.00 on and I know I'm not getting the same resolution, frame rates and sound that they get. I would just like to see someone come up with a way to balance the equipment advantage.

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