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Comment: First things first. (Score 1) 839

by LordDragoon (#34233706) Attached to: Scientists Propose One-Way Trips To Mars
Colonization, Orbital power generation, Mining asteroids and all other space endeavors are pretty much a pipe dream until we can find a reasonably affordable way to leave this sucking rock. So why don't all the geniuses get together and figure that one out first. Safe and affordable launch, Space elevator or Anti-gravity, whatever the means. Make it easy to get of the planet first, then we can get down to the business of exploration and exploitation.

Comment: FPS rant (Score 1) 192

by LordDragoon (#27168805) Attached to: Dealing With Fairness and Balance In Video Games
I'm into AA, CODWaW, Combat Arms, Crossfire and other FPS online games. And my problem with them is that I cannot seem to compete on the same level with the people running $3,500.00 rigs, X-fi sound cards, Mega graphics cards running in crossfire or SLI, and all the other advantages they can afford that I cannot. I'm running a two year old rig I spent $1,000.00 on and I know I'm not getting the same resolution, frame rates and sound that they get. I would just like to see someone come up with a way to balance the equipment advantage.

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