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Comment: Re:the love of cloud (Score 1) 333

by LordAndrewSama (#35879256) Attached to: Dropbox Can't See Your Dat– Er, Never Mind
I'm curious though, how does the law view their access. I mean, they don't keep copies on their servers, so if I use dropbox to transfer dodgy_file.jpeg to another machine, then after the fact the scary law enforcement peoples make a legal request of dropbox, does dropbox have the file on their server, or do they have to access my machines with the file on it? One of those is Dropbox behaving legally and handing over potential evidence. The other is Dropbox going onto my machine and taking it to hand it over, which could be argued as stealing and invalidate the evidence. It all depends though, does dropbox keep a copy of every file?

Comment: Re:What does Wikileaks get from this? (Score 1) 606

My theory of why there are so many US postings on wikileaks is that the US is the "land of the free" and a nation that is, generally, held to a higher standard than others. We expect Pakistan/North Korea/China to treat people like shit. When the American, Hell let's just say Governments of the Western World behave badly we should be outraged and tell them to sort their shit out.

Comment: Re:i love patents (Score 4, Funny) 187

by LordAndrewSama (#34349646) Attached to: Tandberg Attempts To Patent Open Source Code
Step 1) Patent a process by which members of an organization transfer a circular container amongst themselves, incrementing the capital value within the container after each transfer.
Step 2) Sue church for profiting from your patents for the last thousand years.
Step 3) Profit
Step 4) Damnation.

Of course, there's always the slim slim hope that this will show the ridiculousness of the patent system and it will be overhauled.

Comment: Re:So (Score 1) 66

by LordAndrewSama (#33895124) Attached to: UK Police Force Posts All Its Calls On Twitter
When I first saw that, I wanted to know why the fuck my fellow countrymen decided to burden the police with knowledge of the sand bag instead of picking it up, moving it off the road, and carrying on with their lives. Maybe they could send the police an email about what they'd done if they felt the need.

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?