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Comment: Re:Is it that big a deal? REALLY? (Score -1, Offtopic) 141

by Loopy1492 (#29205099) Attached to: <em>Achron</em> &mdash; an RTS With Time Travel

Because it exposes the travesty that is D&D 4.0. The market for an update of the older edition is huge.

Additionally, the game was developed in a collaborative manner with alpha and beta editions available to players at no cost. This type of thing is of interest to the community at large.

Comment: Re:Pandora? (Score 1) 86

by Loopy1492 (#29171905) Attached to: RIAA Loses Case Against Launch Media
Well, I used to be a paid Launchcast subscriber before it was flushed by Yahoo. That about sums up the experience for paid subscribers. Unpaid subscribers had limited skips and a few commercials now and again.

I do like Pandora, but I greatly preferred my Launchcast stations because you could rate genres 1 to 100, artists 1 to 100, albums 1 to 100, and songs 1 to 100. Then you could apply moods to your stations. It was VERY granular and my station only played the songs I really really liked or wanted to listen to at that time. It was pretty amazing.
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+ - Paizo Releases New Core Rulebook for 3.5 OGL->

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Loopy1492 writes: "

I'm tempted to start this blog off with "Four score and seven years ago," because it seems about that long ago that Paizo decided to forge our own path in the RPG world and started work on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. In reality it was only about a year and half ago, but in that time about 55,000 people downloaded our beta playtest document and more than 200,000 posts were written on our messsageboards discussing the rules--and making them better--while still maintaining backwards compatibility with the 3.5 OGL rules.

The Pathfinder rules are a revamp of the 3.5 rules for those of us who couldn't quite stomach the 4th edition of the world's oldest RPG. Best of all, they were created with the direct help and input of the fans."
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