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Comment: Re:BS... (Score 1) 96

by Logopop (#34522006) Attached to: Researchers Develop Genuine 3D Camera

One of the major problems with today's 3d technology is that the brain of the viewer is used to a specific distance between the eyes. If the distance between the camera lenses of a 3d camera is not the same as the distance between the eyes, your brain will generate a distorted depth image (to shallow, too deep) and you might end up with a major headache (as some experiences). Not to mention that tele/wide lenses causes additional problems of the same nature. To represent a movie that was correct and natural looking for all viewers, you would have to render an animated movie just-in-time for each individual (or maybe a few standard widths). For non-cgi movies, I have no idea how you would do it.
I am by no means an expert in this - maybe there's somebody here that could fill in the gory scientific brain details?

Comment: Re:I'm thinking about moving to Norway (Score 1) 154

by Logopop (#30013060) Attached to: Norwegian Court Rules ISP Doesn't Have To Block The Pirate Bay

Today, though, public spending in Norway is a bit out of control, while revenue from oil and gas is likely to dwindle over the next decades. Unless, og course, we do as we have already started - to invest heavily in oil and gas exploration in poorer countries where the resources are not nationalized to the benefit of the people. The system is rapidly getting less sustainable. Add to this the ethical side of basing your welfare on having to supply massive amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere. It's a great place to live right now, but I am not sure about the long term prospects...
Ant then, of course, there is the beer prices!

What good is a ticket to the good life, if you can't find the entrance?