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Comment Re:Why animals can't be given human rights. (Score 1) 168 168

If I see someone getting attacked on the street by a human predator I have the right to act in defense of the person being attacked up to and including killing the attacker. If we give animals the same rights then logically anyone can act in defense of prey animals by killing predatory animals.

For example, I would be able to kill my neighbor for beating his dog.

Without further clarification, I might be okay with that.

Comment Re: Whats wrong with US society (Score 1) 609 609

It's also why our poorest state is wealthier than the UK on a per capita basis.

Not that I am calling you a liar, but I would love to see some statistics that show that, it sure doesn't sound correct.

Courtesy "gdp of ..." in google.

2.678 trillion USD (2013)
United Kingdom, Gross domestic product

1.414 trillion USD (2013)
Texas, Gross domestic product

1.959 trillion USD (2012)
California, Gross domestic product

57.71 billion USD (2007)
West Virginia, Gross domestic product

46.9 billion USD (2007)
Rhode Island, Gross domestic product

Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives.