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Comment: Re:Wait, WTF? (Score 1) 195

by Loconut1389 (#46087487) Attached to: FBI Has Tor Mail's Entire Email Database

Assume you have a PRNG or RNG. It outputs a stream of bytes. Then also assume that you can produce a bitmap image from a stream of bytes- it doesn't have to look like anything, but you can directly render a stream of bytes as an image. Ergo, run any RNG long enough and eventually (ok a long eventually) a picture of obama (or you, or anyone specific) having sex with an infant will materialize.

Comment: Re:Commercial databases (Score 1) 509

by Loconut1389 (#36704602) Attached to: Facebook Trapped In MySQL a 'Fate Worse Than Death'

I've done a number of Zend Framework projects, and while I've been pretty careful to use quoteInto and quoteIdentifier and try to use the zend db select objects and whatnot, there are some queries with joins and things that just can't be abstracted (yet, with ZF at least), so if I were to switch databases there's still a lot of things I'd have to rewrite on the larger projects.

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