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Comment Re:Zip tie (Score 1) 220

I just use the normal combo suitcase locks we used to use before the TSA. They're not immune to anything particular, but the TSA will have to cut them off if they want into the bag. It's tamper evident and keeps the bag more secure up to the point they decide they want in. I've only had it cut off maybe 1 in 3 flights, so in general I think I come out ahead. Of course, I'm also aware that the lock is only there for tamper evidence- there's always the old zipper meets bic pen trick.

Comment Re:Relevance? (Score 1) 158

This non-programmer of 20 some years makes 6 figures doing php. i learned c/c++ in college, wrote research and defense contracting apps in them, learned python and worked for companies everyone has heard of, etc. But PHP to my chagrin has been where the work was for me and ive had to keep doing it - but its one saving grace has been better and better strict options / hinting that help make better code. PHP is finally catching up.

Comment Re:Ubuntu _is_ primarily a desktop OS... (Score 1) 167

You might be surprised to learn Ubuntu has this entire operating system underneath the graphical portion and that you can just leave off the graphical portion. The same as MS Windows- though in recent years that separation is artificially eliminated for all intents and purposes.

  Linux = Ubuntu = CentOS = RHEL = OEL etc.. They're all descriptions of the complete OS + giant set of packages. There are subsets to all of that.

Comment Agile Oxymoron (Score 3, Informative) 507

I always find it funny for something named Agile and aimed at being responsive to needs that people are so "by the book" about it. I find it oxymoronic that there's "one true way" to do something called Agile.

Some employers are so by the book that they have to have a physical whiteboard with postits even though they also have to have jira and keep both those in sync. The purist agile says no remoting- face to face only, which I think is incorrect- I think "some kind of verbal or visual chat" is sufficient, but the key is communication beyond say hipchat and jira and email.

Some employers claim to be really purist about it and yet depart in significant ways. I think a lot of employers also use Agile as a way to squeeze long hours out of devs at the end of every sprint even though "purist" agile says 40 hour work week.

I generally like agile and it took a while for me to understand that MVP doesn't mean do the bare minimum for the sake of doing the bare minimum but with the idea you get it to the customer for feedback sooner and you iterate.

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