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Comment: A good example of why not to kill of species (Score 1) 113

by LockeOnLogic (#37266310) Attached to: Panda Poo Yields Key To Cheaper Biofuels
You never know what they might be good for. Personally, i'm for saving species more from a respect for the infinite complexity of nature. But if you want to convince a society ruled by corporate thinking, this is a strong example of why giving a crap about nature might be useful to the human race.

Comment: Re:cue 100% of comments... (Score 1) 505

by LockeOnLogic (#35258976) Attached to: Police Chief Teaches Parents To Keylog Kids
I wish my children will have the judgement to figure things out without someone looking over their shoulders constantly. Teaching a child to recognize dangers will do far more than watching over their shoulders constantly. Mommy and daddy aren't going to be there forever to hold your hand.

Comment: Won't someone please think of the children!! (Score 1) 505

by LockeOnLogic (#35258954) Attached to: Police Chief Teaches Parents To Keylog Kids
I hate the notion that there are innumerable predators stalking children on the internet. The actual number of molestations ect barely registers on the actual list of dangers to a child. But it's just so scary in a parents mind that they will ignore real threats to their childrens lives. Fear triumphs over reality again!

Comment: Not always an option to not use facebook (Score 3, Insightful) 434

by LockeOnLogic (#35255456) Attached to: Employer Demands Facebook Login From Job Applicants
So many posts here are about not using facebook, not having facebook ect... This isn't an option for everyone. A huge portion of my friends use facebook with ages that range from pre-pubescent family members to senior citizens. I have friends around the world with whom I'd have minimal communication if not for facebook. Facebook allows me to keep touch with my friends and acquaintances abroad and at home in a single place that they will check often (too often). I deprive myself socially by not having an account. I don't care for it, but so many people I know use it I have no option. I just avoid saying or posting anything anything remotely incriminating.

Comment: From TFA (Score 3, Informative) 138

by LockeOnLogic (#32836944) Attached to: Germany Takes Legal Steps Against Facebook
"Kohannes Caspar said his Hamburg data protection office had initiated legal steps that could result in Facebook being fined tens of thousands of euros for saving private information of individuals who don't use the site and haven't granted it access to their details."

I bet this is less than their monthly coffee expenses.

Comment: When industry polices itself... (Score 1) 341

by LockeOnLogic (#32163972) Attached to: Methane-Trapping Ice May Have Triggered Gulf Spill
This is why government needs to step in and make industry take actions which affect the bottom line adversely but are in the public interest. Will the industry suffer and lose profits from added safety regulation and oversight? Of course. But those profits are unfairly being funded by the damage and suffering resulting from this kind of reckless corperate activity.

Comment: This is not a black to white hat situation (Score 5, Interesting) 92

by LockeOnLogic (#32074876) Attached to: Mariposa Botmasters Sought Real Jobs After Arrest
RTFA this isn't a situtation of some reformed skilled hacker seek a job. These are a bunch of script kiddies trying to weasle their way into a job by pretending to be like Kevin Mitnick. After being turned away several times (justifiably) they then decided to threaten to expose a security vunerability they claimed to have discovered in the companies software. They are black hats through and through.

Comment: Article needs a course in experimental design (Score 3, Interesting) 96

by LockeOnLogic (#32059836) Attached to: The Data-Driven Life
Each little personal anecdote in the article makes my inner statistician scream.

Barooah wasn’t about to try to answer a question like this with guesswork. He had a good data set that showed how many minutes he spent each day in focused work. With this, he could do an objective analysis. Barooah made a chart with dates on the bottom and his work time along the side. Running down the middle was a big black line labeled “Stopped drinking coffee.” On the left side of the line, low spikes and narrow columns. On the right side, high spikes and thick columns. The data had delivered their verdict, and coffee lost.

Lookie! I made a graph and it shows something! It MUST be causation, there is no other explanation.

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