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Comment: ClipperZ (Score 1) 445 445

I use a copy of the community edition of ClipperZ:

I run it securely on my own servers, although I've made a few modifications to prevent brute force logins and to brand it to my liking.

I create separate accounts for all my clients and give them access to their account. They seem to love it as I have all their shit in one place for them if anyone else needs it.

Comment: Re:So much for... (Score 1) 743 743

Actually you are not allowed to purchase alcohol nor are you allowed to be served it. However with your parents or guardians you are allowed to drink it in a bar or restaurant. The parents would need to purchase and hand the alcohol to the minor.

Many bars around here will not allow anyone under 21 in their doors for fear of getting caught not following the rules with this one. My local bar allows minors but does not allow them to drink. Even with appropriate paperwork.

But growing up between 18 and 21 I usually had a drink when I went to dinner with my family. Never had a problem at a restaurant.

The Internet

+ - Nightmare web design clients

Mathew Browne writes: "I recently wrote an article about web design clients who have proved a little troublesome — see sign-clients/ You know the kind — "we can't afford to pay you but we'll let you have a link back to your site", "I want to be #1 on Google for [insert generic term here]", "let's use Comic Sans as the font", et cetera. This article lists 10 clients I've encountered who you want to avoid."
It's funny.  Laugh.

MacGyver Physics 165 165

counterfriction writes "This month's issue of Symmetry, a magazine jointly published by SLAC and Fermilab, is featuring an article that points out the sometimes extemporaneous and unconventional solutions physicists have come up with in (and out of) the laboratory. From the article: 'Leon Lederman ... used a pocket knife, tape, and items on anyone's grocery list to confirm that interactions involving the weak force do now show perfect mirror symmetry, or parity, as scientists had long assumed.'"

The computer is to the information industry roughly what the central power station is to the electrical industry. -- Peter Drucker