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Journal: WTF is up w/ mod points?? 1

Journal by Llama_STi
Okay, so I meta-moderate every fucking chance I get and do I ever get mod points?? hells no!! WTF is up with this, anyway? I've got mod points THREE TIMES in my slashdot history. WTF is going on here?? anyone know how to get mod points?? even my friggin' karma is positive! :P

btw, check out my buddy's blog. he's pretty cool even though he has a diesel golf... ;D

Journal: STi upgrades seem to be coming to a halt... oh, and stag!

Journal by Llama_STi

So with the boost gauge installed on the a-pillar, the FHI STi carb-fib strut bar for bling points, and the hood scoop air-splitter I'm winding things down slowly. Time to start savin' fer a house or ring or something...

Kindall's stag was a blast. MTL really kicks it up a notch. seriously, TO's much the same but it just seems crazier when you're in the middle of out-of-town mayhem with a bunch of rowdy drunkards all taking turns heckling the bystanders and innocent onlookers... good times. :)

btw, finally figured out how to really tune the boost controller. Now i have two maps - one that runs to 21psi and the other to about 15psi. mapless is 10psi. map B, 15psi, is good for runnin' around the city a little quicker than i should and layin' down a little smack on the civs and anything else that thinks they're fast. ;D shit these STi's are quick!


Journal: STi doin' well...

Journal by Llama_STi

Got the car all fixed up on friday. Got it lower than before but no real rubbing unless doing tight corners (and even then it's just the plastic fender liners.) Very pleased with the new tires. Very grippy.

Next up is getting my gauge and bov installed. Friggin' flange on the bov - can't use it with my current intercooler. :P May have to buy a second one and swap the flange. The bov I got is in pretty good shape...

Still gotta check the wiring on my ODB2 port. Make sure that thing works all right... :)

Now I have to start working on my heel and toe...


Journal: New tires - rubbin', rollin', and slammin'

Journal by Llama_STi

Hmmm... turns out my tires were hitting my fenders. Cracked my fender paint on driver's-side. :( Rear camber bolts were purchased and installed. 1.5hrs for first side, 3min for the second. :P

all right, so since my beauty is falling apart in front of me, I decided to roll the fenders and drop the bitch even more! ;D Bought new tires, gotta pick them up tonight, slam the car down, and make my way into the tire shop on friday. hopefully all will go well...


Journal: Latest on the STi 1

Journal by Llama_STi

Got an HKS SSQV bov for my ver5 STi today but the damn thing won't fit (flange-wise). What a pain. Now I have to try to track down the flange that fits or get one fabbed. :( weak.

Eagerly awaiting my Greddy a-pillar gauge pod and HKS exhaust silencer. Got my Apexi boost gauge ready and waiting. Oh, and this gc8 air-splitter is takin' forever to get here!

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