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Comment: Re:1 year may have been enough (Score 2) 137

Umm, no. The computers at my workplace (UK govt) are the same as they have been for the last seven years. USB ports were disabled at the time of installation, but they are connected to the internal network as well as the internet. Still run several legacy applications that need IE (we're still on IE7). Even worse, even new applications that have been brought in within the last year are still IE-only. With no new updates to IE on XP platforms it's an insane risk

Comment: Re:a phone (Score 1) 237

by Little_Professor (#49472669) Attached to: Chess Grandmaster Used iPhone To Cheat During Tournament
The iphone didn't actually run the chess programme. Most grandmasters could easily trounce an iPhone app - you need a fairly powerful computer to run software capable of beating a champ. This guy used his iPhone to connect to the internet so the programme didn't have to actually be running on the phone itself

Comment: Re:Despicable tactic, but... (Score 1) 266

There are no generic formulations of the old drug available yet. It only goes off-patent in July. Actavis are trying to switch as many people as they can onto the new patented drug before then, killing demand for the old drug. So yes, companied can still produce clones of the old drug in July but by then everybody will be on repeat prescriptions of the new drug, and most doctors won't bother to switch back.

Comment: No need for the tinfoil hat (Score 1) 5

Dude, if you have an Android phone, Google wouldn't need to use the Maps app to get your phone number or other personal details. The permission you have described is the standard "Device ID & Call Information" permission that is used by many apps.

Comment: Re:has that ever worked? (Score 1) 229

by Little_Professor (#43919259) Attached to: Facebook Silently Removes Ability To Download Your Posts
Facebook Beacon was the last time I remember them bowing to public pressure. Of course, since then they have instituted technologies that are far more intrusive, yet after the initial outrage over the privacy violations dies down, people just forget about it and silently accept the FBRape

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