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Comment: Re:has that ever worked? (Score 1) 229

by Little_Professor (#43919259) Attached to: Facebook Silently Removes Ability To Download Your Posts
Facebook Beacon was the last time I remember them bowing to public pressure. Of course, since then they have instituted technologies that are far more intrusive, yet after the initial outrage over the privacy violations dies down, people just forget about it and silently accept the FBRape

Comment: Re:I Wonder? (Score 2) 310

Instead of Start->All Programs->Vendor->Program, I now hit the windows key, and start typing what I'm looking for (which is pretty quick) and I just click that.

You could do that in Windows 7. You could also use the same method to launch any documents, songs or videos on your drive, without needing the extra step of pressing the down arrow to select the "files" lens.

Comment: This story brought to you by Twitter PR service (Score 3, Interesting) 50

by Little_Professor (#39088279) Attached to: Kenyan Chief Foils Robbery Via Twitter
Or rather, Tweetminster, who seem to be quite adept at planting PR stories in the news. Meanwhile on the ground - hardly anyone in Africa uses twitter. Those that have access to mobiles and/or the internet use MXit, despite what Tweetminster/Portland Communication's recycled press releases would have you believe

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