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Comment Re:Total lack of power analysis (Score 1, Insightful) 674

I think that the problem with your theory is that the government doesn't really care where its money comes from, as it is not an entity. Instead, politicians care where their income money from, and that's mostly from the lobbyists. I've never heard of a normal person hiring a lobbyist, so we're basically already in your situation where the government is only incentivized to take care of the rich/corporations... and it shows.

Comment Re:People still don't know? (Score 1) 342

No... I know the most crazy anti-government person and he'd admit no such thing. He'd suggest that the free market forces would inspire the community to move to a place where corporations can more efficiently satisfy their needs (or that the community should stratify so that only the independently wealthy live in such an expensive place, as they, through their money, are able to take care of themselves in all regards).

Comment Re:That exists also (Score 2) 1089

What's with all of this elitist livingism. A hundred years ago, we realized that African-Americans deserved the right to vote. A few decades later, we realized that women deserved to vote. When will we, as a country, wake up and realize that everyone in our country is created equal, no matter if they are alive or dead!

Comment Re:It is time to get up one way or the other (Score 1) 1089

These are really good points about forcing the uninformed (and presumably easily swayed by unsubstantive claims) to vote. What about requiring voting, but simply including an "I abstain" option for each category? Those who don't care or who want to protest can select "abstain" but it's now an active choice. No longer can the protest non-vote be explained away as simple laziness. Hell, we could even have another option, "I abstain and I'm pissed" to really drive the point home about how we're feeling about these non-options.

Comment Re:Victory..? (Score 2) 149

To play devil's advocate, when we find that our city streets are congested and fire trucks and ambulances are having trouble getting to their destinations, do we increase the width of the streets or do we implement a policy stating that normal traffic must give way to the emergency services? Admittedly, it's much harder to increase bandwidth in a city street scenario than in a network scenario, but our society has already established that traffic shaping is a good idea in at least one situation.

Running with that comparison, we don't allow Pizza Hut to pay a premium so that they can get red and blue spinners for their delivery fleet though.

Comment Re:Forcing password changes is never a good idea (Score 1) 288

You shouldn't be using the same password across multiple sites anyway. Break down and get a password safe and then just use randomly generated unique passwords for every site. As a side benefit, the next time some site gets hacked, you'll only need to change your password for that site instead of every site you've ever logged into.

Comment Re:3D-Printed Revolver? (Score 2) 521

the gun banners DON"T CARE about addressing the base cause of violent crime, they just want to ban guns. Period.

That's kind of statement makes you appear very well suited for politics. That isn't a compliment. Really, think about that statement for a moment: people who want to ban guns just want to ban guns. That's like saying that people who want to kill people just want to kill people, or people who want to steal things just want to steal things. There are certainly fringe cases where that is true, mentally ill people who are compulsively driven to commit some deed for its own sake. Most of the time, there's a little thing called "motive" involved in people's decisions.

I don't want to ban guns and think that most of the current "gun control" is useless, idiotic or both. That said, I also can't stand how polarized this discussion gets, with people creating a "them" to rail against, and making blanket statements about how "they" are irrational and failures as human beings.

Why do people want to ban guns? They want safety because they're afraid of the violent crimes that people commit with guns. It's really, really hard to address that human factor, to stop unstable individuals from deciding to commit acts of violence... so they target the other side of the equation and attempt to limit the damage that those individuals can do. This is not irrational, although it may be overreacting. And that's where differing opinions are vital - by finding a happy medium between the people who want to ban all guns and the people who want absolute freedom, perhaps we can find a way to successfully limit the damage that unstable people can do without unduly burdening the average citizen.

Comment Re:Would never happen to him (Score 1) 2987

I'm sorry for your loss and, as a parent myself, I couldn't even begin to imagine what that must have been like for your family. That said, I disagree with some of your points. For one thing, they are contradictory. Your first point was about how, due to the fact that there are innocents on death row, you wouldn't want to inflict such a heinous punishment as death. You then go on to say that we should "make them wish they were dead" and discuss death as an easy out - if you want the punishment to be worse than death, then why are you no longer concerned about those before mentioned innocents?

That said, I really do like your idea about making convicted criminals perform work that benefits their victims/society. It would be a very fine line to walk though, as down that path lies slavery.

Comment Re:You can settle criminal charges now? (Score 2) 238

That's nice. So go right ahead and take up that manslaughter hobby you've always dreamed of! After all it was only what, 11 people killed? so $4.5 billion divided by 11: that means you can murder anybody you want for the low low price of only ~$409 million!. What are you waiting for!? ...I fucking hate this country.

To be fair, they qualified for the bulk discount.

Comment Re:We would be selecting for selfishness (Score 1) 840

Parents with a good moral sense would not engineer their babies.
However, selfish and immoral parents would do it. Thus they could create a strong, intelligent, long-lived baby, who they would raise in an environment of selfishness and immorality.
Rinse and repeat. After a few generations, you have divided society in two classes: one upper, dominating class consisting of strong, intelligent, but selfish and immoral beings (who would no longer be even _humans_), and one lower class consisting of naturals.

I've quoted your original post that you linked here. Yours is a circular argument. Moral people would avoid eugenics, therefore immoral people would benefit from eugenics, therefore eugenics empowers the immoral people and is therefore an immoral technology. Let's walk through your causal process with a slightly different (and I think more reasonable) first assumption:

Parents with a Luddite sense would not engineer their babies.
However, progressive parents would do it. Thus they could create a strong, intelligent, long-lived baby, who they would raise in an environment of forward-thinking and problem solving.
Rinse and repeat. After a few generations, two of society's existing classes move further apart; those who fear change/technology continue to live on in isolated communities according to their old ways and those who embrace technology, which is mankind's greatest evolutionary advantage, live longer, healthier lives.

Comment Idle vs. Standby (Score 1) 249

Am I the only person who noticed that their graphs differentiate between idle and standby? Without even reading the whole article, it's pretty obvious from that graph alone that their conclusion about wasted power is flawed. Is it any surprise that a console, powered up with software running, uses comparable energy whether someone is holding the controller or not? In "standby" mode, which is how my consoles spend most of their time when not in use, the consoles use less than 1% of that energy. FUD.

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