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Submission + - Flat Panel Displays Stop Getting Cheaper

mateomiguel writes: "Those sexy LCD and PDP monitors coming out of Asia seemed to have stopped dropping in price. Now might be a good time to buy that new HD-TV that you've been eyeing before it becomes more expensive. From the article:
"The price of LCD panels fell some 10% in the third and fourth quarter of last year, and the figure is expected to be around 5% in the first quarter of this year," said Cho Young-deok, managing director at Samsung Electronics. "Panels are now in tight supply after major TV manufacturers' zero stock policy targeting backlogs from November and December last year."

Submission + - Small Company, Large Long-Term Storage Needed

Domascus writes: "I work for a small Application Hosting/Backup company; we have several customers that are in the medical imaging field. We need to store their medical images and SQL databases for six years at the minimum. One of our main customers has grown quickly and show very little signs of stopping anytime soon, they could easily outgrow our storage server this year.

What do the Network Admins and IT Tech out there use for large storage? Large NAS arrays, or did you just move to a SAN? If you moved to a SAN, did you hire someone to set it up, or is there someplace out there with good documentation on building a SAN?

Now here is the bigger question, how do you store this data for long term? My boss is vehemently against tapes, but we have too much data for DVDs (unless we want hundreds of DVDs). Is keeping it on spinning disk worth while?"

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